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Oldest song in the Bible, at the Red Sea area, passed on from generation to generation

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Exodus 15 : A short note on the oldest song in the Bible

I like good Christian songs and old hymns that gives importance to praise and worship our Lord. Hence this special note. Before I share about the oldest song in the Bible, I shall try to recap the Exodus story till now. Israel's descendants (often referred to as the Hebrews), the Israelites, the 12 tribes of Israel, became a small nation. But a new Egyptian dynasty came to power and made these Hebrews their slaves for around 430 years.

Eventually, God told Moses to bring them out of Egypt to the Promised Land of Canaan. To convince the hardened Egyptian ruler, the Pharaoh, to let his cheap labour go, God sent a series of plagues, which we read yesterday.

The last plague was when all the firstborns of Egypt died, including non-human firstborns! However, we read today that the Hebrews were saved by putting the blood of a lamb over their doors. God's Spirit simply passed over them without causing any harm to the Israelites. The Hebrews were then released by Egypt, and let go.

After the Hebrews left, Pharaoh had a change of mind and heart. He sent his army to bring them back, trapping them at the great Red Sea. God made the waters of the Red Sea separate, so the Hebrew people could cross over easily on dry land. Then God made the waters suddenly fall back to the original level, drowning the pursuing mighty army of the Pharaoh. The Passover meal celebrates this victory.

In Exodus chapter 15 (v. 1 to 21), we see this song, sung at the Red Sea area. It's an example of how the Israelites turned stories of God's mighty deeds into song, to be remembered and passed on from generation to generation. The prophetess Miriam held a key role in leading the people in praising God through music and dancing. As a reminder, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. The three of them worked as a team to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. This is one of the few Biblical stories that clearly shows a woman serving as a leader of prayer and praise.

In the present 240 Days Bible Reading Programme, it's heartening to know that our women have led from the front and have truly become global leaders. We have classic examples of many of them leading our groups and contributing meaningful write-ups (constituting more than 80%). May God bless all our women more and more, so even our men are encouraged to lead proactively like in the Biblical times. It's time for us to rejoice in praise, dance, worship, and music. All for the glory of God.

God Bless.
- Bob


“The Lord is my strength and my defense: he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him" Exodus 15:2 

This chapter is known as the "Song Of Moses".
The Israelites had spent 430 years in Egyptian bondage according to Exodus 12; God had delivered His people from the hands of their enemy and they are now free.

To my knowledge, Exodus 15:1-21 is the first place there is singing in the Bible.

They were singing this song to the Lord, in celebration and thanksgiving of their escape from the Egyptians through the Red Sea. and then destroying Egypt’s army precisely where Israel walked safely.

In Verse 2, we see the phrase "He is my God," and he is our salvation!!

It is an encouraging statement of how we can rely on God's strength, which is so much greater than our own.

Also it's a reminder that God is our salvation from ALL our problems... big and small.


It’s so easy to remember that God is the reason for anything good in our lives when everything is good.

When we’ve experienced a victory, it’s easy to praise and thank Him and give Him the glory.
But ….
♦ Can we trust God when we have personal Red Sea in our life???

As believers, 
……… lets trust in God in the good times and bad because we know God’s love never fails.

Moses was singing in centuries ago.

Lets sings today…. 
Lord, You are my God;
We worship you……...
…. We praise you, 
….. we exalt you, 
….. we love you, 
……….. we glorify you.

 Jooley Mathew


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