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💫 The Book of Ruth Is About the Saving Grace of the Messiah.

Ruth, the Beautiful Moabitess Girl, Was Once a Pagan Idol Worshipper. She Found the True God Jehovah After She Came into Naomi's Family! It Wasn't Easy for Her.

She's the Great-Grandmother of King David, the Ancestor of Christ Jesus. Ruth's Husband, Boaz, Was the Son of Rahab, the Harlot.

In the First Chapter, Matthew Lists the Genealogy of Jesus Where Three Other Tainted Women's Names Are Also Mentioned (Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba). This Shows That Jesus the Messiah Represents All the Peoples of the Earth. If God Can Accept Gentiles Like Ruth and Incorporate Them Into His Plan of Salvation, Then There Is Hope for All. (Matthew 28:18-20). Real Salvation Is for All, Including You and Me!

The Book of Ruth Is a True Story of Three Simple People (Naomi, Ruth and Boaz), About Their Great Loss, Subsequent Personal Anxiety, Hope, Joys and Finally a Victorious Celebration of Fulfilment.

How Did David, the Man After God's Own Heart, Emerge From the Dark and Demoralized Period of the Judges? It's Because of the Providential Hand of God on Ruth's Family in Bethlehem. It All Began There, Sometimes Referred to as the Centre of the Globe! How God Prepares Us For Others, We Won't Know!

I Once Travelled Alone by Train to Hyderabad. On the Opposite Side Were a Father and a Little Baby Girl. A Little While Into the Journey, I Felt Bored and Began Reading the Bible, Very Unusual of Me to Read in a Public Place!

A Few Minutes Into the Reading, I Was Interrupted by that Person Sitting Opposite Me! He Said His Name Was Dr. Gowda. That He's Also a Christian! That Caught My Attention. I Said, "It's Good You're a Christian. I Am Mathew. How Do You Judge I'm a Christian? Just Because I Read the Bible, How Could You Judge I'm a Christian?

He Was Amused and a Bit Shaken! But I Assured Him That I Was Indeed a Christian! At That Moment I Asked Him to Define a Christian. Who Is a Real Christian? We Had a Lengthy Talk and Didn't Know How Time Went by. I Was Impressed by His New Faith in Christ.

My Point Here Is: He Was Once an Idol Worshiper, in His Words. Then There Was a Big Transformation in His Life! He's Highly Educated, a Medical Doctor, Married a Normal Telugu Christian Girl, Found Christ, and Is Now a Prolific Preacher in Bangalore!

A Person Born Into a Christian Family Need Not Necessarily Be a Christian. A Person Having a Christian Name Need Not Be a Real Christian. One Who Finds Christ and the Salvation Guaranteed Through His Redeeming Blood and Spirit Becomes a New Creation in God! We All Need a Redeemer, Like Boaz was to Ruth! If We Ask God His Spirit, Nothing is Impossible!

In All of Us, We Need to Imbibe in Us a New Ruth, Learn to Accept the One True God and Ruthlessly Throw Away All Our Existing Idols. That's the Day When God Says: in You, I Am Well Pleased! 

-Bob, Bangalore! 😃


🌸🌸 JM 🌸 🌸 JM 🌸 🌸

Ruth 4:13:- The book of Ruth is written during the dark time of the Judges.

When we read Judges, it talks about the story of social chaos, disobedience to God, oppression,and deliverance


Ruth was a foreigner, she was from an enemy country, Moab. The Israelites despised the Moabites.
Though a “Gentile” by birth, Ruth was selected by the Lord to be in the GENEALOGICAL LINE OF THE WORLD’S SAVIOR.

Why did God chose Ruth for His plan?
Because she was a woman with the spiritual qualities, such as
unfailing devotion,
honor, and
Also she had bravery, faith, and obedience…

Character is who you are when nobody's watching.

Be a man/woman of character.

Never underestimate the power of our decisions, commitment, humility, and integrity!

Men and women of integrity are authentic and genuine.

🌸🌸 Jooley Mathew🌸🌸

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