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👳‍♂ Boaz is a man whose delight is in the law of the LORD.
Evidence: The fruit his life bears:
🌿He practices gleaning as per Lev 19:10.
🌿He treats Ruth kindly & honourably as per Lev 19:33-34.
🌿He fulfils his role as kinsman redeemer as per Deut 25:5-10.
🌿 Result: He is like a tree planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf evergreen. In all that he does, he prospers. [Ps 1:3]
🌿While Elimelech went to Moab, Boaz was not anxious in the year of drought, he remained where he was trusting in the Lord, and it is quite obvious that God blessed & prospered him. [Rf Jer 17:7-8]
🌿While the other relative was more worried about his own inheritance, Boaz was willing to use his wealth & name to redeem Elimelech’s property & provide a son to ensure that the family name did not die out.
🍞 🌟He foreshadows Christ who redeemed us from the grave, to ensure that our name is written in the Book of Life, and that our eternal inheritance is secured.

👳‍♂In Solomon’s Temple, there were 2 pillars in the courtyard. One of those pillars was called Boaz. [1 K7:21]
🍞🌟In His letter to the Church at Philadelphia [brotherly love], Jesus tells them, that they would be a pillar in God’s Temple inscribed with God’s Name, the Name of God’s city, and a new name… IF they continued to obey His teaching. Christ’s command was simple – love one another as I have loved you. [Rev 3:12]
👳‍♂Boaz certainly showed love for God in obeying God’s command to be a kinsman-redeemer. He showed brotherly love in ensuring that his uncle Elimelech’s inheritance was secured.

 Naomi & Ruth returned to Bethlehem [The House of Bread] because they heard that God had visited His people, and there was bread once again in Bethlehem.
🍞🌟 Many scholars point out that there was a famine of hearing the Word of God for 400 years, till suddenly there was a flurry of messages through dreams & angelic visitations as God proclaimed that the long-expected Redeemer was coming.
🍞 🌟 Jesus, the Bread of Life was born and laid in the manger in Bethlehem. The famine of the Word of God was over. The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among Man.

 Ruth’s story ends with everyone rejoicing over the baby that was born. And as they cooed over him they proclaimed, “he shall be to you as a restorer of life, and one who cheers your old age”.
🍞🌟When Jesus the Resurrection & the Life was born, Mary did not receive very comforting words. Simeon prophesied to her specifically, ”A sword will pierce your heart”.

 Ruth means friend.
🍞🌟And as we look at the manger, we see the One who has redeemed us so that He may be a friend who sticks closer than a brother… One who dwells IN US. Emmanuel.

Through Christ WE are “Bethlehem Babes”… Children of God, born in the house of the Bread of Heaven… 🍼Like newborn babies hungry for milk, let us hunger for the Living Bread – the Word of God so that we may grow in the grace & knowledge of God. [Rf 1 Pt 2:2, 2 Pt 3:18]

O Holy Child of Bethlehem,
Cast out our sin, and enter in;
Be born in us today.
O come to us, abide in us, Our Lord Emmanuel. Amen.

Alice D.

Wherever you go I will go
Wherever you live I will live
Your people will be my people
Your God will be my God
Ruth 1:16

Naomi knew Ruth and Orpah as foreigners, would socially be a great disadvantage in Israel ,so she urged them to go back to their parents home, because she cared about them .But Ruth decision was

Donot ask me to leave you and turn back
Where you go,I will go
Where you live,I will live
Your people will be my people
Your God shall be my God
Where you die ,I will die and there I will be buried
Let the lord punish me severely if I allow anything but death to seperate us.

Ruth's decision to leave Moab and go with Naomi tells about her faith in Israel's God .she vowed to serve Naomi 's God and Naomi.Ruth's words indicate the depth of her loyalty .she knew that this was a life and death decision and Naomi knew Ruth was serious about her decision and permitted her to come with her.Because of Ruth's faithfulness ,she was blessed to be a great grandmother of king David and a direct ancestor of Jesus.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

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