Day 95 of 240 Days Bible Reading Group 3947 Nehemiah 04 to 07


✴ Opposition to Rebuilding ✴

Sanballat became very angry because the Jews were rebuilding the wall. He ridiculed the Jews and said," What are these feeble Jews doing? Tobiah the Ammonite said teasingly that even if a fox climbed on the wall it would break down. Yet the Jews prayed and continued rebuilding till the wall reached half its height. The enemies tried to kill them and stop the rebuilding of the wall.

Nehemiah encouraged them that the Lord who is great and awesome will fight for them. So all were alert and kept their bows, shields, spears and armour handy. The building work continued.

✴ Nehemiah helps the Poor ✴

The nobles and officials were ill-treating the poor and exacting usury from their own countrymen. The poor had to mortgage their fields, vineyards and homes to get grain during the famine. The children were subjected to to slavery.

Nehemiah accused the nobles and officials and they all promised not to ill-treat the poor and stop exacting usury and give back their fields, vineyards, olive groves and houses. Nehemiah asked God to remember him with favour for what he had done for the people. Then Nehemiah got a list of the exiles who had returned and the people settled in their own towns.

Honouring the Man of God

As soon as Nehemiah accused the nobles and officials of their harsh deeds against the poor, they honoured the man of God and returned everything they had collected from the poor. We as children of God should be very careful to honour our pastors and respect the men of God who are doing God's work. Fault finding should never be found in us.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝


When faced with taunts, ridicule, threats...

#Whenever you set out to do an assignment, almost inevitably there are obstacles , problems of one kind or another to discourage you. It was no different for NEHEMIAH, out to build the walls of Jerusalem. As if on cue, opponents arose.
▪They taunted, mocked, ridiculed, threatened. Normally when we are taunted or ridiculed or threatened, either we retaliate in kind or cringe in fear or feel discouraged.
▪NEHEMIAH shows us how to face such onslaught.

▪Instead of retaliating and responding in the same manner and getting into verbal fisticuffs, he takes his problem straight to God while simultaneously taking measures to counter problems expected

▪Just look at the number of references in this small portion which reveal Nehemiah's unswerving faith in God.

#But we prayed to God and posted a guard day and night. (4:9)
#Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord who is great and awesome. (4:14)
#Our God will fight for us. (4:20)
#Now strengthen my hand. (7:9)
#The enemies realised the work had been done with the help of our God (7:14)

❓Do we have such faith in God? Are we ready to really trust him instead of just merely mouthing our belief? When faced with problems, how we run about like a chicken with its head cut off. Let us too really believe that God is enough to meet our every need and act on it and see miracles.



Reflections... 📝Food from my Kitchen Table 🍯🍴

Take a Break with Jesus

Day 95, 240 Days Bible Reading, Wednesday, 22.1.20.


Answer Fear with Faith...Nehemiah 6:9.

Nehemiah 6:9, "They were all trying to frighten us..."

Sound familiar?

🍂 Isn't that what is happening around us when we go about doing God's work?

🍂 Fear tactics is what Satan uses. Just as faith connects to God, fear connects us to Satan. In the Bible, Fear Not is mentioned 365 times according to some commentaries, one for each day. Anything that is not of faith is sin, Romans 14:23. Acting out of fear means we are not in line with what the Word says.

🍂 Nehemiah faced alot of opposition to building the Wall. They used mockery, gossips, rumours, intimidation, insults,threats, verbal abuse and fear mongering, but nothing stopped Nehemiah from being distracted. When the enemy thought that Nehemiah's hands will become weak and eventually stop the work on the wall, he prayed, "Lord strengthen my hands", Nehemiah 6:9.

🍂 As we read in Nehemiah 6:9, 14 & 19, it is obvious that the enemy was trying to create fear psychosis to dislodge Nehemiah from leadership. But, his commitment and determination to God's work kept him focused on completing his assignment. It is Satan's strategy to plant fear, to manipulate by producing fear, and distracting God’s servants doing God’s work through fear.

🍂 Any fear that is greater than the awesome reverence of God acts as an idol of ungodly distraction to God’s people.

🍂 Child of God, Remember that we have a Covenant God who has already equipped you to fulfill His purpose, Ephesians 2:10. No weapon formed can touch you, Isaiah 54:17. Be faithful where you are planted and continue to build the walls that has been broken down, walls of your prayer life, ministry, community, relationship and broken lives. God is able to bring you through. Arise and Build, Nehemiah 2:18...Amen.

[email protected]'s Thirstydeer  


WE DID NOT ACQUIRE ANY LAND.(Property). Nehemiah 5:16.

NEHEMIAH was appointed as the Governor of Judah by King Artaxerxes of Persia in 445 BC. He served as the Governor for 12 years, till 433 BC in his first term. He was instrumental in rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days.

Nehemiah was a man of concern, a man of prayer and a man of action. He was an exemplary leader and his attitude to power, facilities and money is challenging.

Life of former Governers. Neh.5:15.

- Placed a heavy burden on people.

-Took 40 shekels of silver besides food and wine.

- They and their assistants lorded it over the people.

-They used to enjoy all the privileges.5:14b.

- They acquired lots of property for themselves.5:16.

Nehemiah was a different person due to reverence for God. 5:15b.

Nehemiah as Governor.

-He personally devoted himself to the work.5:16.

-He encouraged all his assistants to devote themselves for the work.5:16.

-He never demanded the food alloted to the Governer as he was more concerned about the problems of his people.5:14,18.

As Nehemiah was a person who walked the talk, he was able to motivate all the Jews , to rise up and build the broken walls of Jerusalem. Inspite of all the internal and external problems and oppositions, the construction of the wall was completed in 52 days.Neh.6:15.

Are we people who are using our opportunities to acquire worldly properties or are we people with a difference out of reverence for God?

Are we willing to give up many of our rights for the extension of God's Kingdom?

Are we investing our time, talents and resources for the building up of God's Kingdom?

Are we different from others because of our faith in Jesus?




🌸🌸 JM 🌸 🌸 JM 🌸🌸
Nehemiah 7: 1-2   Now it came to pass, when the wall was built, and I had set up the doors, and the porters and the singers and the Levites were appointed, 2 That I gave my brother Hanani, and Hananiah the ruler of the palace, charge over Jerusalem: for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many.

👉 Chapter 6 concluded with the statement that the wall had been completed in 52 days.

👉Chapter 7 begins with three verses describing the precautions that Nehemiah took to guard the newly walled city from attack.

Here Nehemiah carefully selecting, choosing key people to lead.
👉Nehemiah gave responsibility of the city to Hanani and Hananiah.

📍 These men had no visible qualifications for leadership.

But they were perfect for the job.

📍 Hanani and Hananiah were virtuous, faithful, God-fearing men who could be trusted to carry out God’s work.

📍 They had only one agenda, that was God’s will.

📍 The same is true of the church.

The greatest ability is 👉 dependability.
Hananiah was a faithful man.

❓❓ Are we dependable?
God is looking for people who can take a task and complete it.


👉If we’re faithful in the little things, then we will be faithful in the large things.

👉But if we’re unfaithful in little things, then we won’t be faithful with greater responsibilities.

We all have a role to play.

👉 Not all of us are called to be a Hanani or a Hananiah, but we all have a part to play.

📍 Use the gifts that God has given us
🌸 Jooley Mathew 🌸


Staying focused - Nehemiah 6:16

“When all our enemies heard about it, and all the [Gentile] nations around us saw it, they lost their confidence; for they recognized that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God

Under the leadership of Nehemiah, the people finished building the wall. Their enemies tried many ways to discourage their efforts to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. They tried to taunt him, attack him suddenly, tried to speak nicely and trick him. But all their plans were thwarted because Nehemiah believed that what he was doing was not of human plan but it was God’s plan of restoration. Finally, his efforts paid off and fear came on the nations around them because they realised that God was with them.

Today’s scripture reflection tells us what that we need to stay focused and persevere in what we do. The word of God says in Luke 18:7, “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?”

The Lord has allowed trials in our lives for a purpose. These hardships produce patient endurance and endurance produces proven character and proven character produces hope.

I am not saying that the Lord delights in giving us troubles. But He knows that this a way of bringing out the best in us because in such situations only do we come kneeling before Him and humbling ourselves under His mighty hand. This is the time when the posture of the heart is at its best.

During trials, it is also imperative to know that we must hold on to what is right and continue doing it. Nehemiah was surrounded with all kind of troubles. But it was these troubles that made Him run to God and depend on Him. He knew what He had to do irrespective of what the enemy was threatening him. In our lives too the enemy, the devil, is always on the prowl to make us stumble. Hence we need to be of sober mind and vigilant. (1 Peter 5:8)

Dear brethren, irrespective of the devil, the good news is that the good work that God has started in us, God will bring it to completion. The work is entirely God’s plan. We only have to abide in His Word and stick close to Him. Whether famine or drought, rain or sunshine, etc., if we hold on to what is good then we will be rewarded for our perseverance.

Let us ask the Lord to give us the patience in the midst of storms of our lives and persevere in prayer and in His word so that at the right time, God will lift us up.

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9)

- 📝 Kevin D'Souza, Mumbai


Neh 6:16 when all our enemies heard about this ,all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self confidence because they realised that this work had been done with the help of God

The enemies envied the prosperity and success of the Jews ,grieved to see the walls of Jerusalem built,. The threats of enemies which was intended to weaken them ,quickened them to go on with this work great deal of work was done in little time.we see Nehemiah's courage in face of danger and his faith to look to God first.

The wall was completed without any gaps in record time of 52 days despite opposition. The enemy adopted humiliating devices of cunning and deceit. but it proved ineffective .God gave Nehemiah wisdom to easily detect the snares set to entrap him... Even the Israelites enemies grudgingly and fearfully admitted God was with these builders. Nehemiah fasted and prayed and with God's help completed the mission. He talked to God about all his concerns and depended on Him and obeyed Him And his enemies acknowledged God has helped him to finish building the walls.

Cynthia Sathiaraj


 📖📖 240 ✝ 240 📖📖 
Blessed to be a Blessing to the Blessed People 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

📖 Nehemiah 7:1-3

To all the Churches
The wall of Jerusalem was completed on the 25th day of the month of Elul in 52 days. By now you all know that that this work was given to me by the Lord , and was shared by my brother Hanani and by Hananiah, the commander of the citadel .

Now appointing family members to important positions is always a problem as it suggests favouritism. You must be surprised why I've chosen and appoint my own brother. There was none whom I could trust , and so I've to rely on family members. It was Hanani , my brother , who came to me along with men from Judah while I was in Susa , and brought me the sad news of Jews who had survived exile . My heart was broken when I was told that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and it's gates had been burned with fire. You know Hanani had a passion and heart for the work that had to be done . In his eyes I could see the WALLS OF JERUSALEM standing once again , their GATES protecting the city restored to the glory of God.

Also I've put Hananiah in charge of the Central Citadel in Jerusalem because he was a man of integrity ; trustworthy and a man who feared God.

When the WALLS were in place , I knew that the safety of our city and our people would rest in the hands of our GATEKEEPERS . Yes , the gatekeepers , that I've mentioned in my book ( 7:3) , were specially appointed to guard the City Gates as SENTRIES with specific orders :
(i) Gates are not to be open until the sun is hot.
(ii) Shut the doors when they are on duty .
(iii) Appoint guards at their own houses.

These precautions would help to protect the city against a surprise attack.
I would like to mentioned here that both Hanani and Hananiah , who feared God, had discharged their duty with utmost zeal and sincerity.

Remember you and your house will be secured when you stand firm to guard your own house.
         A Servant of Yahweh

Glory to God 🙏
 Mark Boje. ArP 🌅



⏳ The Wall Defended Against Enemies

When Sanballat heard that we Jews had begun rebuilding the wall, he became furious and began to ridicule us. *I prayed, *Hear how they make fun of us, O God! Let their ridicule fall on their own heads. So we went on rebuilding the wall, and soon it was half its full height, because the people were eager to work. And they became very angry.

So they all plotted together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion, but we prayed to our God and kept men on guard against them day and night.

I saw that the people were worried, so I said to them and to their leaders and officials, Don't be afraid of our enemies. Remember how great and terrifying the Lord is, and fight for your relatives, your children, your wives, and your homes.

Our enemies heard that we had found out what they were plotting, and they realized that God had defeated their plans. Then all of us went back to rebuilding the wall.

If you hear the bugle, gather around me. Our God will fight for us.*

⏳ The Generosity of Nehemiah I pray you, O God, remember to my credit everything that I have done for this people.

⏳ Conspiracy Against Nehemiah So Sanballat and Geshem sent me a message, suggesting that I meet with them in one of the villages in the Plain of Ono. This was a trick of theirs to try to harm me.

I sent messengers to say to them, I am doing important work and can't go down there. I am not going to let the work stop just to go and see you.

They sent me the same message four times, and each time I sent them the same reply. Then Sanballat sent one of his servants to me with a fifth message, this one in the form of an unsealed letter. I sent a reply to him: Nothing of what you are saying is true. You have made it all up yourself.

💫 They were trying to frighten us into stopping work. I prayed, But now, God, make me strong!

I prayed , God, remember what Tobiah and Sanballat have done and punish them. Remember that woman Noadiah and all the other prophets who tried to frighten me.

⏳ The Wall Completed After fifty-two days of work the entire wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Elul. When our enemies in the surrounding nations heard this, they realized that they had lost face, since everyone knew that the work had been done with God's help.

⏳ The Captives Who Returned to Jerusalem The priests, the Levites, the Temple guards, the musicians, many of the ordinary people, the Temple workers---all the people of Israel---settled in the towns and cities of Judah.

💫 Be fair with Innocent

💫 AS I AM.....




Nehemiah 1-7

Nehemiah's reaction on hearing that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down, his people were facing adversity and reproach, and its gates were burnt by fire, is indeed noteworthy! When he heard this, during his tenure as the King's cupbearer, everything was going very well with him. Nehemiah 1:11. Yet, hearing this news, made him cry and mourning over their sins for several days, while fasting and praying before God, vs 4. He asks God to grant him favour in the king's eyes, because he realises that he himself is expected to do something about the situation! On getting permission from the king he visits Jerusalem and supervises the damage. He is then able to convince the Jews, priests, nobles and officials to help him to rebuild the wall, Nehemiah 2: 17,18.

Needless to say, as they begin the work, they encounter opposition, and are derided and shown contempt! Nehemiah responds with faith, prayer and a determination to go on with the work at any cost, vs 19,20; Nehemiah 4:4,5! Their enemies then conspire together and create a disturbance by threatening to even kill them, vs 8,11. But Nehemiah was not one to stop the work out of fear! Instead, he handles the matter by responding with prayer, appointing guards to watch over the city and stations a trumpeter to warn of impending danger. He also saw to it that each worker worked with weapons for protection. In response to this God sent people to inform them about the plans of the enemy, as well as, saw to it that the enemy's plans did not prosper, vs 9, 12-23! Nehemiah also made many personal sacrifices, and on finding his fellow Jews oppressing one another, he took strict measures to put an end to such practices, Nehemiah 5. Once again their enemies tried to sidetrack them by urging them to meet with them, with an aim to harm them, Nehemiah 6:2. When that didn't work, they began accusing Nehemiah of having ulterior motives for initiating the work, saying that he was planning a rebellion and wanted to be king, vs 6,7!

Nehemiah rubbished their rumours and refused to stop the work and meet with them, vs 8. Instead he prayed to God for strength to continue the work vs 9. They made a final attempt to get Nehemiah into trouble by instilling fear into him, through one of their allies who adviced him to hide in that part of the temple which was forbidden, because he was told that his life was in danger, vs 10. However, Nehemiah refused to act in fear, realising that it was just a plot to bring reproach upon him and discredit him, vs 13. He simply committed their misdeeds into God's hand and went on with the work, and so, had the joy of seeing the same completed in just 52 days, vs 15!

Later, he positioned guards at the gates and doors and enrolled the leaders, officials and ordinary people on the basis of their genealogies, Nehemiah 7: 5. This amazing story encourages us see how much can be done when we take the burdens that God gives us to Him, and be led step by step by His Holy Spirit to seek guidance and direction to fulfill His plan. Yes, opposition is bound to come from the enemy and his agents to tell us how impossible it would be accomplish the task! However, like Nehemiah, we need to brush these voices aside and set our eyes steadfastly on the Lord, resisting each hindering voice or thought, and refusing to act in fear of failure or fear of losing our lives! We also need to be willing to sacrifice all, no matter what the cost!

So, if God has given us his burden, and the devil tries to make us back off either by making us compromise our convictions, threatening to kill us, throw false accusations at us, instigating us to sin so that God will be against us, or distracting us by getting us involved in unwanted discussions or arguments, let us respond as Nehemiah did and ensure that we will also fulfill our God-ordained purpose and be the blessing that God intended us to be!

Rowena Thomas

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