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Benjamites was a sin of unspeakable sexual immorality

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Judges 21: The book of Judges leads us through a dark period in Israel’s history. When Joshua and the elder generation died, the Israelites had no appointed leader to rule over them.

The last two chapters of Judges especially show the disastrous results of each person doing whatever seems right to them.

Chapter 21 begins with the tribes of Israel being deeply upset over the evil done against the Levite

The sin of the Benjamites was a sin of unspeakable sexual immorality;

In verse 25 we read; “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

This is the concluding statement to the book of Judges
They made their own choices about right and wrong.

It is necessary for every believer to know what is right and wrong in God's eye..

Being in the will of God is like being in the center of a fast flowing river.

In the center of the river, the flow is strongest and fastest.
▪The further away from the center of the river we drift, the slower and less directed the flow.
we’re still in the flow, but it’s not as strong or sure.

?In the center of God’s will, His guidance is strongest and most sure.
▪But the further away from the center of God’s will we drift, the slower you move, and the guidance, direction, and protection you would have received from Him is weaker and less effective, almost indiscernible.

We move from His perfect will into His permissive will, and then out of His will altogether.

Abandon ourselves, head over heels, to the center of the river where the flow is strongest and most sure,
…………. flowing in the will of God.

Jooley Mathew 

Samson - He-man with She-weakness We can define Samson by the following Man with

- great start
- awesome strength
- unbridled passion
- self indulgence
- tragic end

He was a chosen instrument to be in the hand of God to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines but he was running with the wrong crowd in circles and delivered himself into the hands of the Philistines. He is a classic example of how a Judge ought not to be.

Samson's story has been recorded in the Bible probably for the benefit of all of us not to make another Samson out of our life.

Unlike Samson we may have a different weakness to indulge like craving for possession, power, position, a wrong habit etc. which will jeopardise God's calling in our life and yet make us successful from world's point of view.

Being successful is not our goal but being faithful to God is which may result in our losing the world but wearing the crown kept for us by the Lord.

Let us do a self check to find what do we indulge in too much which is blocking God's plan for our life and ask the Lord to give us the power and determination to overcome it.

Rev.3: 21 says, " To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne."

Let us decide what we want

Self indulgence or Eternal throne

E. Christadoss 

Simple thoughts for
                       deeper meditation.
Judges: 21:25 "In those days, there was no king in Israel, every man did that which was right in his own eyes"

Who is in charge here, anyway?
We cannot help but ask that question when we read the above verse. It tells that during the period of Judges, Israel kept sinking to new lows of sin and depravity. Every one did as he/she saw fit. Do you know what this means?  It means that each person saw themselves in charge. Who is in charge here? " I am" said each person. 

I am in charge !
It is my life !
It is my decision !
I am the boss !
I am in control !

The last four chapters of Judges tell us the things that happened in Israel-things which show that every one did as he/she saw fit..

The first one is the disobedience of the tribe of Dan. They were unable to conquer the allotted portion of the promised land- So they forsook what the Lord had promised to them. They went far outside the boundaries and destroyed a quiet and unsuspecting city and moved in. They did what was right in their eyes. 

Secondly, a Levite left her concubine on the street to be raped and dead. The men of Gibeah did it. He, his host, and the men of Gibeah all did what was right in their eyes.

Thirdly, the same Levite cut up the body of his concubine and sent part of it to each of the 12 tribes. When the men of Israel
wanted to punish the Gibeah for this evil deed, the tribe of Benjamin fought with Israel instead of handing over the men of Gideah to the Israelites. Almost every grown up men in that tribe were killed in that battle. All of them did what was right in their eyes. Who is in charge here, any way? They did not acknowledge God as their king. Four times we read " in those days Israel had no King" ( 17:6, 18:1, 19:l, 21:25 ) Israel may not have had an earthy king, but they did have a king! The Lord, Almighty. But Israel lived like they had no king. They lived like there was no one to whom they were responsible.

⚡ As we look around, we may be tempted to ask," who is in charge here, any way?" Individuals have become a law unto themselves, each one demanding the right to do as they please.

So as the people who had read the Book of Judges, we have two obligations:
One, our home-life, our family relationships, our marriages should be shining examples of what happen when Jesus becomes the king in our life. Let all see that Jesus is in charge in our life. 

Secondly, we need to tell people about our king, Jesus. We need to tell people that those who serve king Jesus no longer strive to do as they see fit. 

Who is charge of your life?
If Jesus is not in charge, if his rule is not recognized, the result will be anarchy and chaos.

Let Jesus reign in your heart as King. !!

Dr. Thomas David

⚡ Strife Destroys Peace ⚡ 

⚡1. Why did not the Danites settle in their allotment?
Their inheritance was between Judah and Ephraim. Due to opposition of the Amorites and the Philistines they were unable to occupy that territory.

⚡2. How did they convince the Levite to leave Micah's house?
They told the Levite it is better to serve a tribe and clan in Israel as priest rather than just one man's household.

⚡3. Where did they find their settlement?
They went to Laish against a peaceful unsuspecting people who had no relationship with any one. So they attacked them with the sword and burnt the city. The Danites rebuilt the city and settled there.

⚡4. How did they displease the Lord?
The city of Laish they named Dan. They used the idols taken from Micah's house and worshipped them forsaking the Lord Almighty.

⚡5. What kind of a place was Gibeah where the Levite spent the night?
That place was full of idolatry, drunkenness, rebellion and homosexuality. The tragedy of this story is the callous selfish insensitive attitude of men that allowed defenseless women to be brutally violated by wicked men the whole night. This is the way the Levite's concubine lost her life.

⚡6. Why was there a war between Israel and the tribe of Benjamin?
The tribe of Israel got together, united as one man and asked the tribe of Benjamin to surrender the wicked men who had brutally violated the Levite's concubine who died. But they refused to do so. So a war broke out and in this war the tribe of Benjamin was defeated and only 600 of them were left. In those days Israel had no king; every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Think it Over
Does arguing and exchanging harsh words produce any good? No, they only produce strife. As children of God we should learn to maintain peace as our Lord is the Prince of Peace. Let the love of God shed abroad in our hearts help us to maintain peace. Remember our Lord who maintained silence when He was accused with harsh words. Let us be followers of our Lord.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa

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