Day 60 of 240 Days Bible Reading Group 3947 Chapter 1 to 6


The Second Book of the Kingdoms - (Second Samuel)

Author — Samuel. 2 Samuel chronicles the establishment of the Davidic dynasty and the expansion of Israel under God’s chosen leader.

Date — Second Samuel is set in the land of Israel during the reign of David and follows the course of his forty years as king of Israel (1011–971 BC).

Major Theme — David as King. He is named the second king of Israel, Saul's successor. God replaced Saul because of his refusal to repent and follow His commands. The first ten chapters show David as victorious in battle, praised by the people, compassionate to the sick and poor, and righteous in God’s sight. In the chapters that follow, we note that David’s adultery with Bathsheba was followed by a series of tragedies: their child’s death, David’s daughter Tamar’s rape by his son Amnon, Amnon’s murder, David’s own political overthrow by his son Absalom, and Absalom’s subsequent death.

Background - The forty years immediately following 1 Samuel. Despite the turmoil in his later years, David enjoyed the Lord’s forgiveness and favor. His genuine sorrow and regret over his sins revealed his repentant heart, with which the Lord was pleased.

Bindu Saji

🍇 Simple thoughts for
                               deeper meditation.

2 Samuel: 6:11 "And the ark of the Lord continued in the house of Obed-Edom the Gitite three months and the Lord blessed Obed-Edom and all his household"

Three incidents written in this chapter, give us some lessons that should not be forgotten.

⚡ The ark represents the presence of God. The ark of God was crafted as per the specifications given to Moses. It contained three
sacred items, Golden Pot that had manna, Aaron's rod that budded and the tablets of the covenant. The Philistines captured
the ark. Now, king David realizing its importance, and out of longing to honour God, decided to bring it back to Jerusalem. According to the instructions to Moses, the ark should be carried on the shoulders of the Levites. But David failed to follow the instructions and decided to bring the ark in a cart from the house of Abinadab and his sons Ussah and Ahio drove the cart. The wrath of God was on Ussah and he was killed.

⚡ It is a reminder to us to serve the Lord in reverence accepting his supremacy and follow his commands with seriousness.
David's reaction to this incident was one of anger followed by fear, and be decided not to bring the ark of God to Jerusalem.
Later, after hearing about the blessing on the family of Obed-Edom, David changed his mind and decided to bring the ark with
great reverence as per the instructions of Moses. When the ark was brought to the city of David, there was great joy.As a mark of gratitude, they offered burnt offerings and peace offerings.

⚡ All our moments of joy must be sanctified with praises and prayers. Christ is our ark. In and by him, God manifests his favour and communicates his grace and accepts our adoration.

⚡ Anything done for the glory of God must not be despised. Michal despised David as he leapt and danced before the ark. As a
result, instead of receiving blessing she incurred curse on her.

🔥 As a family, do we acknowledge and appreciate God in the proper way ?

Dr. Thomas David,🎯


Vengeance belongs to God 2 Sam 4
David knew IshBosheth was not a strong leader but he had no intention of killing him.God promised the kingdom to David and he knew that God would fulfill His promise.

Racab and Baanah killed IshBosheth and brought his head to David hoping that David would reward them for it.David was so angry with them that he commanded them to be killed.David believed that vengeance belonged to God and that he would never take revenge himself or permit anyone to take it.

God does not need our help to administer justice or take vengeance.we should allow God to deal in His own way and in His own time.we should not desire evil for any person.we should leave the people who wronged us in God's hands.

God word says in James 4: 12 There is only one lawgiver and Judge ,one who is able to save and destroy.

Cynthia Sathiaraj


What am I 👀at? [2 Sam 2-6]

The Israelites had been treating the Ark as a good luck charm, or a symbol of God’s favour. It took Uzzah’s death for Israel to see that the Ark could not be treated like any old piece of furniture.

David obviously went and studied the scriptures for himself, and realized that the Ark represented God’s THRONE. Uzzah’s death showed Israel that for a sinner to approach God without the Blood of Atonement meant instant death. However, with the Blood sprinkled on it, the Throne of Judgment became – The Mercy Seat.

➡ As King, David’s role was to make sure Israel obeyed the Law of God. So David submitted to God’s Law, and had the Ark carried in on the shoulders of consecrated Levites. 1Chr 15

➡ As King, David could represent Israel in repenting of congregational sin. So, David sacrificed an ox for the sins of the congregation & a fatling for his own sins. (Rf 1 Sam 6:13, Lev 4:13-15, Lev 4:22-24)

👑The 1st time round David brought the Ark in as a symbol that David had God’s seal of approval. The focus was on David entering as a triumphant king, accompanied by the Ark.

👳‍♂But the 2nd time round, David laid aside his kingly robes, donned the linen ephod (tunic worn by priests) and escorted the Ark as a worshiper, not a monarch. He was declaring that GOD was the True King of Israel, and that David was merely His servant. David escorted the True King of Israel to take His rightful place in the capital city.

✨ At Christmas we celebrate the coming of the King of Kings. It’s a time for dressing up in beautiful clothes… David laid aside his majesty to worship the Living Lord… Jesus laid aside HIS Majesty to be the Atoning Sacrifice… As I plan my Christmas outfit, I wonder… Whose glory am I proclaiming?

And I will be still lower [qâlal = of little account, insignificant] than this, and will be base [shâphâl = low, humble] in my OWN sight. [2 Sam 6:22]

👸 Michal was the daughter of a king who died ingloriously, a wife who had been brought back in disgrace. She wanted to gain self-worth through the respect accorded to her husband David. In her eyes, David’s actions robbed him of dignity… and by association, she felt robbed of dignity. She felt she was being made small in the eyes of the world, and that hurt her pride & sense of self-worth.

David however chose to be small in his own eyes, because he saw the greatness of the True King, and he wanted the True King to be exalted. He didn’t care what the world thought of him.

👸 Michal was focused on the “worship” due to her, thus her eyes were fixed on king David… if only her eyes had chosen to focus on the True King of Glory, she would have found healing for all the brokenness & loss she suffered in her life.

✨✨The wise men came with their eyes fixed on the star that would lead them to the King of Kings, thus they were filled with exceeding joy. Herod (& ALL Jerusalem) focused on a possible loss of power, and were filled with fear, anger…

 What are my eyes fixed on? 👀

Abba Father, how easily I forget who the True King of Glory is. Forgive me. Be exalted King of Kings! Be magnified in my eyes! Help me not to waste time looking at myself… Help me to keep feasting my eyes on You, Your Majesty, Your Holiness… In Jesus Name. Amen.

Alice D.


David is Made King of Judah

After this, David asked the LORD, Shall I go and take control of one of the towns of Judah? Yes, the LORD answered . Which one? David asked . Hebron, the LORD said.

He also took his men and their families, and they settled in the towns around Hebron.

When David heard that the people of Jabesh in Gilead had buried Saul,
he sent some men there with the message: *May the LORD bless you for showing your loyalty to your king by burying him.

⏳ Israel and Judah at War

David's men had killed 360 of Abner's men from the tribe of Benjamin.

⏳ *Sons of David*

The fighting between the forces supporting Saul's family and those supporting David went on for a long time. As David became stronger and stronger, his opponents became weaker and weaker.

The following six sons, in order of their birth, were born to David at Hebron: Amnon, whose mother was Ahinoam, from Jezreel;

David Reigns over All Israel

Then all the tribes of Israel went to David at Hebron and said to him, *We are your own flesh and blood.

and the LORD promised you that you would lead his people and be their ruler.*

The Philistines Defeated

David asked the LORD, Shall I attack the Philistines? Will you give me the victory? Yes, attack! the LORD answered . I will give you the victory!

The LORD has broken through my enemies like a flood.*

The Ark Brought to Jerusalem

David and all the Israelites were dancing and singing with all their might to honor the LORD. They were playing harps, lyres, drums, rattles, and cymbals.

As the Box was being brought into the city, Michal, Saul's daughter, looked out of the window and saw King David dancing and jumping around in the sacred dance, and she was disgusted with him.

The king of Israel made a big name for himself today! she* said . He exposed himself like a fool in the sight of the servant women of his officials!

David answered, *I was dancing to honor the LORD, who chose me instead of your father and his family to make me the leader of his people Israel. And I will go on dancing to honor the LORD,

 "All glory and honour belongs to God alone"



God told Saul clearly to destroy the Amalakites but he didnt and an Amalakite killed Saul.

The Deeds of the flesh which can only be put to death by Beholding Jesus and resting in His finished work...those are our Amalakites today

If we dont put them to death we fall short of the Awesome Abundant life God has for us

If we give place to these squatters, we fail to possess our possesions in Christ ❤

Love not the world nor the things of the world ( lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life)
The Love of the world is in us when the Love of the father is not in us

Note : it is the Love OF the Father


Love FOR the Father

A Revelation of the Fathers Love for us causes us to fall out of Love with the world ❤❤❤

- Betsy



The end of the 1st book of Samuel tells of a very trying and crucial time in David's life.
While Saul ends the last few days of his life seeking counsel from a medium, 1 Samuel 28, (although they were banned by him, in Israel, at that point of time) because God refuses to speak to him, as a result of his continued disobedience and unwillingness to repent, David gets ready to fight against the Israelites, together with K.Achish of Gath. However, the other rulers of the Philistines don't take this lightly, knowing that David being an Israelite himself, could easily turn against them at any point during the battle. So, they firmly request K.Achish to send David back, 1 Samuel 29.

On returning to Ziklag, David finds that it had been set on fire by the Amalekites and that all their people in Ziklag, were carried away by the Amalekites as prisoners, 1 Samuel 30! It was a time of great grief and David's men spoke of stoning David, but David, after strengthening himself in the Lord, seeks God for counsel as to whether he should go after the Amalekites in order to retrieve all that they had stolen. As the Lord tells him to go, He is able to recover everything, in addition to a lot of plunder as well! He gladly distributes this among his own men well, as well as, gives gifts to many towns in Israel where he and his men had been living. Eventually, Israel loses the battle and K.Saul being badly injured, ends his life by committing suicide, 1 Samuel 31:4! We can learn a lot on studying these incidents. To begin with, we see that continued wilful disobedience and hypocrisy, as seen in K.Saul's life, leads to a very bad ending! Inspite of the many opportunities that God gave him to repent, during his 40-year long reign, he simply refused to radically repent before God and man!

On the other hand, though David did make mistakes, yet he refused to take his own vengeance against K.Saul even though he got 2 opportunities to do so! God, therefore, delivers him from being part of the battle in which K.Saul and his sons were killed in, and makes sure to keep him well occupied in pursuing the Amalekites, such that he doesn't change his mind and return to fight against Israel. So, what seemed like a terrible tragedy, God works out for David's good, because David sought to obey God in that situation. Soon afterwards, David is crowned King of Judah!

Think how much regret he would have had, had he failed the test on any of these counts! So, we need to learn to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the people and situations that come our way, instead of rushing ahead to do our own will and missing our on God's amazing plan for our lives, while remembering that the enemy fights hardest when he is on the verge of defeat, and when we are on the verge of receiving great breakthroughs for the Lord's glory, even as we continue in humility and obedience!

Rowena Thomas

When things get worse strengthen yourself in the Lord
Five Philistine kings were refused David and his men to go with them to the war against Israelites.

The David and his men arrived back after King Achish ordered them to go back the town ziklag.

🚶‍♂ In the meantime, people of Amalekites had attacked the ziklag, all the women and children had been carried away. And they burnt the city.

😭After David and his men arrived to ziklag, they found what had happened and were started crying, did not stopped until they were completely exhausted.

David was in great trouble 

David's men were very bitter about losing their women and children, turned against David and they were threatening to stone him death.

David lost his two wives and moreover it was an unexpected twist for him. So that he was greatly distressed.

✝ At this point the Lord strengthened David and gave him a great courage. David took all the pain and stood for him and for his men. Then he ordered to the priest 🤺Abiathar to bring the aphod. After he brought it to David, he enquired the Lord that if he go after the raiders, is there any possibility to catch them?

✝ As an answer the Lord replied to him with an assurance that if he go after them, he will catch them and will rescue the captives.

✝ David went with his men and rescued his wives and their families, then he recovered everything that amalekites had taken away.

✝ When things were getting more worse, David's own men started talking about stonning him. At this time, God strengthened David, so he consulted the Lord before acting with ephod in his hands (in the old testament days Lord spoke to the people through the ephod of the priest).

✝ In such a critical condition David believed that the Lord will speak with him through ephod, will rescue them from their miserable situation. What a precious relationship with the Lord?

💕Do you have such a relationship with the Lord?

👀In Your misararable situation are you approaching towards the Lord or to the people?

👀David looked towards the Lord when his own people turned against him. God's strengthened him, then he escaped from the situation and as a faithful leaders he recovered everything what all the their enemies were taken away.

Sharmila Boorgula



Now King David was told, "The Lord has blessed the household of Obed Edom and everything he has, because of the ark of God." (2 Samuel.6:12.)he went with his people and was bringing it to Jerusalem with rejoicing. Ark of God was in captivity for many years and bringing it back became a national event. Before God, David felt it to be inappropriate to come as the King of Israel in royal garments but he came rather as a common servant in ordinary clothes.David acknowledged the Kingship and rule of God in Israel.

"David,wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might".( 2.Sam.6:13.)

Michal, wife of David and the daughter of Saul, was not happy that "King David was leaping and dancing before the Lord,she despised him in her heart." (2 Sam.6:16) When she told this to him, David's answer was "It was before the Lord ,who chose me....I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes" (2.Sam.6:21,22.)

David remembered that it was the Lord who chose him as the King of Israel from an ordinary Shepherd boy. He was dancing and leaping to express his thanks.

When David saw God ,he forgot about himself or what people will think about him. Michal was more conscious about herself and was thinking about what people would think.

Are we thankful to the LORD who brought us to this stage in our life?

Are we God conscious or self conscious?

Are we trying to give God all the glory or trying to get honour and glory from others?

Are we willing to be nothing before God and give Him everything we have got?

Are we willing to publicly honour the LORD with our position, health and wealth?

Let us be a DAVID for the LORD.


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