Day 73 of 240 Days Bible Reading Group 3947 Chapter 5 to 8


⏳ Naaman’s Leprosy Healed

Naaman, the commander of the Syrian army, was highly respected and esteemed by the king of Syria, because through Naaman the LORD had given victory to the Syrian forces. He was a great soldier, but he suffered from a dreaded skin disease.

In one of their raids against Israel, the Syrians had carried off a little Israelite girl, who became a servant of Naaman's wife.

One day she said to her mistress, I wish that my master could go to the prophet who lives in Samaria! He would cure him of his disease.

So Naaman went with his horses and chariot and stopped at the entrance to Elisha's house.

Elisha sent a servant out to tell him to go and wash himself seven times in the Jordan River, and he would be completely cured of his disease.

But Naaman left in a rage, saying, *I thought that he would at least come out to me, pray to the LORD his God, wave his hand over the diseased spot, and cure me!

Besides, aren't the rivers Abana and Pharpar, back in Damascus, better than any river in Israel? I could have washed in them and been cured!*

His servants went up to him and said , Sir, if the prophet had told you to do something difficult, you would have done it. Now why can't you just wash yourself, as he said, and be cured?

So Naaman went down to the Jordan, dipped himself in it seven times, as Elisha had instructed, and he was completely cured. His flesh became firm and healthy like that of a child.

He returned to Elisha with all his men and said , Now I know that there is no god but the God of Israel; so please, sir, accept a gift from me.

Elisha answered, By the living LORD, whom I serve, I swear that I will not accept a gift. Naaman insisted that he accept it, but he would not.

Go in peace, Elisha said. And Naaman left. He had gone only a short distance,

when Elisha's servant Gehazi said to himself, My master has let Naaman get away without paying a thing! He should have accepted what that Syrian offered him. By the living LORD I will run after him and get something from him.

No, Gehazi answered.* But my master sent me to tell you that just now two members of the group of prophets in the hill country of Ephraim arrived, and he would like you to give them three thousand pieces of silver and two changes of fine clothes.

Please take six thousand pieces of silver, Naaman replied.

He went back into the house, and Elisha asked him, Where have you been? Oh, nowhere, sir, he answered.

But Elisha said, *Wasn't I there in spirit when the man got out of his chariot to meet you? This is no time to accept money and clothes,

And now Naaman's disease will come upon you, and you and your descendants will have it forever! When Gehazi left, he had the disease---his skin was as white as snow.*

⏳ The Floating Ax Head

⏳ The Blinded Syrians Captured

⏳ Syria Besieges Samaria in Famine

⏳ The Syrians Flee

⏳ The King Restores the Shunammite’s Land

⏳ Ahaziah Reigns in Judah


So be Loyal and do Justice as I AM





💎 God can Use Anyone 💎

Naaman was a commander of the army and a valiant soldier. But he had leprosy. In his home there was a slave girl who was assisting his wife. She told them about prophet Elisha in Samaria and confirmed that he will be healed if he met him.

Pride of the Commander

When he arrived at Elisha's home he thought that Elisha would come out honour him and wave his hand over him and get him healed. Elisha only sent out a message that he should dip in River Jordan 7 times and be healed. He turned and went away in a rage saying there were better rivers in Damascus.

The Counsel of the Servants

They said if the prophet had told you to do some great thing you would have done it. He has just told you to wash and be cleansed. Naaman listened to his servants, washed and was cleansed. He went back to Elisha and said: There is no God in all the world except in Israel. He said that he would offer sacrifices only to the Lord.

 Food in Abundance 

There was a severe famine in Samaria and the people were suffering too much. At this time Benhadad, king of Aram laid siege to Samaria. At this time Elisha prophesied that the next day at the same time there would be abundance of flour and barley in Samaria. The king's officer said that if even the flood gates of heaven were opened this could never happen. That night the Lord made the Arameans hear the sound of chariots and horses of a great army. In fear they fled. Four lepers who had been in the camp brought them this news. The next day the people went and plundered the Aramean camp and they had abundance of food. Our miracle working God provided for His people. With God nothing is impossible.

Be Encouraged

God used the simple slave girl, the servants and the poor lepers to fulfill His purposes. Whoever we may be if only we could surrender ourselves to God, He can use us for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa


My thoughts

2 Kings 5: 9-15 Naaman, was a great hero, was used to getting respect , so he was outraged when Elisha treated him like an ordinary person. A proud man, he expected royal treatment. To wash in a great river would be one thing, but Jordan was small and dirty. To wash in the Jordan, Naaman thought, was beneath a man of his positon. But Naaman had to humble himself and obey Elisha's commands in order to be healed.

Obedience to God begins with humility. We must believe that his way is better than our own. We may not always understand his ways of working, but by humbly obeying, we will receive his blessings. We must remember that 1. Gods ways are best 2. God wants our obedience more than anything else 3. God can use anything to accomplish his purposes.

In Prayers
Nisha - Canada


Reflections... 📝Food from my Kitchen Table 🍯🍴

Take a Break with Jesus

Day 71, 240 Days Bible Reading Sunday, 29.12.19.✒

Naboth Died to Keep his Vineyard from Becoming a Vegetable Garden... 1King21:1-19.

🍇 In 1Samuel 8: 11-17, the Prophet Samuel warned the Israelites when they asked for a King to rule over them, that the King would abuse his power to take their possessions including Vineyards, V14. And that happened to Naboth when Ahab made a Deal with him to take his Vineyard but Naboth said, No Deal. No Way was he going to part with his real estate no matter how attractive the offer might be.

🍇 Ahab made a good offer with some options, alternatives, and opportunities to get the prime property from Naboth but the negotiations failed.

Why did Naboth refused Ahab's offer?
It was his father's inheritance!

🍇 The deal would have brought profit to Naboth. It just made sense on the surface. But, Naboth saw beneath the surface and saw what was really going on in his situation.

🍇 Ahab wanted to buy the land and plow under the grapevines, to turn it into a vegetable garden. He wanted to destroy everything Naboth’s father and forefathers had worked so hard to give him and his descendants. Ahab wanted to erase Naboth’s heritage in a day. Keeping his inheritance to pass down to his children were more important to Naboth than all the wealth in the World.

This is what happens even today, many people become victims of land grabbers who will use the inheritance of the poor, weak and defenceless people in the society to promote their own business empires.

🍇 Satan the roaring lion is after our spiritual inheritance and he is waiting to devour everything we have, which God has given us to expand the Kingdom of God. He will make lucrative offers to distract us from our Great Commission. He will make us neglect our Vineyard, which is our Ministry, Church, Prayer Groups, Bible Study Groups and anything God has made us responsible to take care of.

Never forget that the world, the flesh and the devil are all trying to destroy your heritage!

🍇 The land had been in Naboth’s family for generations. If he sold it, there would be nothing for his children.Good and Godly parents will leave an inheritance for their children, Proverbs 13:22.

🍇 Naboth was so obedient to the Word of God, when he said, The Lord forbid it, 1Kings21:3. He did not put his greed first but the Lord first. In Leviticus 25:23, Numbers 36:7, the land should not be sold permanently if it was an inheritance. The Kings and Princes are forbidden to buy the inheritance of the people, Ezekiel 46:18.

Do we know our Bible Well enough to defend our inheritance, both Natural and Spiritual?
🍇 Let us be thankful for the heritage we have been given and thank God for those who faithfully tend the vineyard so that we might have a future in the Lord. There is so much of spiritual inheritance we got from our spiritual fathers that is worth standing up for. We should not sell out to the devil by compromising God's Word, His Will and His Ways.

Naboth valued what he had and he knew the Ahab would not. He knew that Ahab was not worthy to possess the thing had been given to him by God. He had to be killed in order to possess his inheritance illegally.

Child of God, Remember that, regardless of who wants what you have, they are not worthy to take it. Don’t sell your inheritance no matter who it is, your gifting and talents, are your inheritance to serve the Lord. Your innocence, your purity, your godly life, your sound mind, your faith, your character are your inheritance. Keep it and guard it with Jesus as Your Wall of Fire🔥... Amen.

[email protected]'s Thirstydeer 


God of Supernatural and Just acts 

In Chapter 6 there is a narrative about the great famine in the city of Samaria due to the siege laid by the King of Aram that made the people turn Cannibals.

Elisha, knowing that God was about to intervene supernaturally to remove the siege of the city, declared that the people would have access to food after a long time at a cheap price in Samaria next day.To this an Israeli officer made a faithless statement that even if the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens could this happen?

Elisha declared a curse on that Officer that he would see the word of God come true next day but he would not be there to eat it.

As foretold, the prophecy came true and the faithless Officer was trampled by the people and died. He could not eat the food though he saw it with his own eyes.

Why did this happen to this Officer?

First he doubted the word of God since it looked impossible for him.This led him not to believe that God can intervene supernaturally.This resulted in his faithless words which doubted God's ability to provide for people's need.

Rom.14:23 says Whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Thus this man committed sin and hence died.

What lessons do we learn from this?

1. We need to realize that our God can act supernaturally defying laws of nature to meet our needs even today.

2. We will be held accountable for every careless and faithless words we speak (Mt.12: 36 - 37) doubting God's ways.

Let us guard our mouth from speaking any careless and faithless words about God and his ways.

In Chapter 8 God restores the land to the Shunammite woman who looked after Elisha, the man of God faithfully, after seven years of famine.

Here the Lord orchestered events to happen in such a way that when Elisha's servant was explaining the great things of his master like the restoration of the life of the Shunammite woman's son she approached the King for her land at that same time. This helped her to find King's favour 👍

The Lord made the King not only restore her land but also made good all her losses retrospectively from the time she lost her land 👏

This goes to prove that our God is no debtor to anybody particularly to those who meet the needs of God's servants and we can never outgive our Lord. 💯

He is also a Just God who meets the needs of vulnerable people like Women 

Are we ready to emulate our Lord in these two areas in the new year 2020 ?



The simple childlike faith of a little captive maid from Israel led the Syrian commander Namaan to be healed of His leprosy, 2 Kings 5:2,3. This girl held no revenge towards the commander for either separating her from her family or taking her as a slave.

On the other hand, the king of Israel to whom the Syrian king sent his commander to be healed, had no faith at all and instead misinterpreted the king's message completely, vs 7, proving that sincere faith can come only with a clear conscience! Inspite of being introduced to the one who could heal him, Namaan could receive his healing only when he humbled himself, vs 8-14. Just being a servant of Elijah did not automatically free Gehazi from the spirit of lying and covetousness, instead his lack of honest and repentance concerning the same led him and his seed to inherit the leprosy of Namaan, vs 20-27!

Praise God that, as Elisha displayed in 2 Kings 6:8-23, it is possible for us to be alert concerning the schemes of the enemy, so that we can nullify his attacks even before they come, as well as, react in all godliness by wrestling against principalities and powers in heavenly places, and not against flesh and blood, because we have our spiritual eyes opened to see that those fighting for us are more than they that fight against us. Nevertheless, because of the continued disobedience of Israel and its king, the Syrian army besieged Samaria and, as a result, the famine was so great that women began eating up their babies, vs 28,29!

It was only on the king repenting and earnestly seeking out Elisha for a solution, that Elisha's word brought a turnaround in the situation, and ironically, the deliverance came about, not by waging a war, but because of 4 lepers who were daring enough to risk their lives for the sake of food, and go into the enemy's camp, only to realise that the enemy had already vanished on account of a supernatural work by God's Mighty hand on behalf of His people, just as we too have access to all God's inheritance already credited to our account in Christ Jesus our Lord, which is able to bail us out of every crises situation of life, provided like the lepers, we are willing to die to our self life and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, vs 30-33, 2Kings 7:1-20!

The Shunamite woman who opened her home to Elisha and his servant, continued to be blessed by his ministry before, during and even after the 7 years of famine that Israel faced, 2 Kings 8:1-6, showing us that as we wholeheartedly serve the true servants of God as unto the Lord, without any ulterior motive in mind, we shall not fail to receive a reward. It is heartbreaking to note that inspite of the strong discipline that God gave his people, by means of a siege, a 7 year famine and wars, the people and their kings refused to wholeheartedly repent of their wickedness and turn from their sin, vs 16-29. Eventually, God tells Elisha to anoint Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi as king of Israel, and sends him on a mission to smite the house of Ahab and avenge the blood of His prophets, at the hand of Jezebel, 2Kings 9:2,6,7.

Yes, God pleads with us to repent, and disciplines us when we don't, but inspite of it all, if we still choose to walk in rebellion, and refuse to humble our pride, then all we can expect is the terrifying hand of judgment coming against us and our descendants, if they also continue walking in our rebellious ways! Let him who has an ear, hear!

Rowena Thomas

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