Day 72 of 240 Days Bible Reading Group 3947 Chapter 1 to 4

 Being Faithful and Unfaithful to God

Book of 2 kings opens with Elijah being carried to heaven _ the destination awaiting those who follow God and are faithful to God.But the book ends with people of Judah being carried off to pagañ lands as humiliating slaves _ the result of failing to follow God and not being faithful to Him

Sin and Unfaithful of Judah's kings (David 's descendants) resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and Davidic kingdom.But God in His faithfulness ,fulfilled His covenant promise to David (2 Sam 7:16 Your house and kingdom will endure forever before me ,Your throne will be established for ever) thro Jesus Christ ,son of David whose reign and kingdom will never end.

2 kings is also an illustration of what happens when we make anything more important than God ,when we make bad alliances,when we donot know what is right ,when we donot discern God's purpose in our lives.we may fail like people of Judah and Israel but God's promises will not fail.God is always there ,to help us to straighten out our lives and start again.

Cynthia Sathiaraj


Reflections... 📝Food from my Kitchen Table 🍯🍴

Take a Break with Jesus

Day 71, 240 Days Bible Reading Sunday, 29.12.19.✒

Naboth Died to Keep his Vineyard from Becoming a Vegetable Garden... 1King21:1-19.

🍇 In 1Samuel 8: 11-17, the Prophet Samuel warned the Israelites when they asked for a King to rule over them, that the King would abuse his power to take their possessions including Vineyards, V14. And that happened to Naboth when Ahab made a Deal with him to take his Vineyard but Naboth said, No Deal. No Way was he going to part with his real estate no matter how attractive the offer might be.

🍇 Ahab made a good offer with some options, alternatives, and opportunities to get the prime property from Naboth but the negotiations failed.

Why did Naboth refused Ahab's offer?
It was his father's inheritance!

🍇 The deal would have brought profit to Naboth. It just made sense on the surface. But, Naboth saw beneath the surface and saw what was really going on in his situation.

🍇 Ahab wanted to buy the land and plow under the grapevines, to turn it into a vegetable garden. He wanted to destroy everything Naboth’s father and forefathers had worked so hard to give him and his descendants. Ahab wanted to erase Naboth’s heritage in a day. Keeping his inheritance to pass down to his children were more important to Naboth than all the wealth in the World.

This is what happens even today, many people become victims of land grabbers who will use the inheritance of the poor, weak and defenceless people in the society to promote their own business empires.

🍇 Satan the roaring lion is after our spiritual inheritance and he is waiting to devour everything we have, which God has given us to expand the Kingdom of God. He will make lucrative offers to distract us from our Great Commission. He will make us neglect our Vineyard, which is our Ministry, Church, Prayer Groups, Bible Study Groups and anything God has made us responsible to take care of. Never forget that the world, the flesh and the devil are all trying to destroy your heritage!

🍇 The land had been in Naboth’s family for generations. If he sold it, there would be nothing for his children.Good and Godly parents will leave an inheritance for their children, Proverbs 13:22.

🍇 Naboth was so obedient to the Word of God, when he said, The Lord forbid it, 1Kings21:3. He did not put his greed first but the Lord first. In Leviticus 25:23, Numbers 36:7, the land should not be sold permanently if it was an inheritance. The Kings and Princes are forbidden to buy the inheritance of the people, Ezekiel 46:18.

Do we know our Bible Well enough to defend our inheritance, both Natural and Spiritual?
🍇 Let us be thankful for the heritage we have been given and thank God for those who faithfully tend the vineyard so that we might have a future in the Lord. There is so much of spiritual inheritance we got from our spiritual fathers that is worth standing up for. We should not sell out to the devil by compromising God's Word, His Will and His Ways.

Naboth valued what he had and he knew the Ahab would not. He knew that Ahab was not worthy to possess the thing had been given to him by God. He had to be killed in order to possess his inheritance illegally.

Child of God, Remember that, regardless of who wants what you have, they are not worthy to take it. Don’t sell your inheritance no matter who it is, your gifting and talents, are your inheritance to serve the Lord. Your innocence, your purity, your godly life, your sound mind, your faith, your character are your inheritance. Keep it and guard it with Jesus as Your Wall of Fire🔥... Amen.

[email protected]'s Thirstydeer 



God Judges Ahaziah

King Ahaziah of Israel fell off the balcony on the roof of his palace in Samaria and was seriously injured. So he sent some messengers to consult Baalzebub, the god of the Philistine city of Ekron, in order to find out whether or not he would recover.

But an angel of the LORD commanded Elijah, the prophet from Tishbe, to go and meet the messengers of King Ahaziah and ask them, *Why are you going to consult Baalzebub, the god of Ekron? Is it because you think there is no god in Israel?

Tell the king that the LORD says, 'You will not recover from your injuries; you will die!' * Elijah did as the LORD commanded,

__The two other officers and their men were killed by fire from heaven; but please be merciful to me!__

The angel of the LORD said to Elijah, Go down with him, and don't be afraid. So Elijah went with the officer to the king

Ahaziah died, as the LORD had said through Elijah. Ahaziah had no sons, so his brother Joram succeeded him as king in the second year of the reign of Jehoram son of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah.

💫 Elijah Ascends to Heaven

There, Elijah said to Elisha , Tell me what you want me to do for you before I am taken away. Let me receive the share of your power that will make me your successor, Elisha answered.

That is a difficult request to grant, Elijah replied .* But you will receive it if you see me as I am being taken away from you; if you don't see me, you won't receive it.

They kept talking as they walked on; then suddenly a chariot of fire pulled by horses of fire came between them, and Elijah was taken up to heaven by a whirlwind.

Then he picked up Elijah's cloak that had fallen from him, and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan.

Then he struck the water again, and it divided, and he walked over to the other side.

The fifty prophets from Jericho saw him and said, The power of Elijah is on Elisha! They went to meet him, bowed down before him,

⏳ Moab Rebels Against Israel

⏳ Elisha and the Widow’s Oil

⏳ Elisha Raises the Shunammite’s Son

⏳ Elisha Purifies the Pot of Stew

⏳ Elisha Feeds One Hundred Men


So be fair and honest as I AM





Ⓜ Miracles in Elisha's Life Ⓜ

The Final Days of Elijah

From Gilgal, Elijah and Elisha went to Bethel, Jericho and reached Jordan.Then Elijah struck the water with his cloak. The water divided to left and right and they crossed over.

Last Wish of Elisha

He asked for a difficult thing. Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit was his last wish. He would obtain it only if he sees Elijah being taken up. Suddenly a chariot and horses of fire, The Lord's heavenly host, appeared and Elijah was taken up in a whirl wind. Elisha took Elijah's cloak which had fallen from him. The Spirit and Power of God had descended on Elisha. The waters of Jordan divided and he crossed the river.

Miracles in Elisha's life

1. Healing of the water

The water in the city was bad and unproductive. Elisha threw a bowl of salt into the spring. The water was healed and made whole.

2. Ditches filled with water

After the death of Ahab the king of Moab rebelled against king of Israel. So he asked Jehoshaphat and the king of Edom to accompany him. As they travelled through the desert there was no water for them. So they approached Elisha. Elisha prayed and asked them to make ditches all over the valley. Without rain or wind the ditches were filled with water.

3. Widow's Oil

A widow of a prophet cried unto Elisha saying that the creditors were coming to take away her two sons as slaves. This widow had nothing but a little oil. Elisha asked her to get many jars from her neighbours and miraculously she was able to fill all the jars with oil. She sold the oil and cleared her debts and lived on what was left.

4. The Shunamite's Son raised to Life

In Shechem there was a family that was very hospitable to Elisha. So the woman was blessed with a son. Suddenly this child was very sick and he died. Elisha prayed and stretched himself on the boy's body and life was restored. He sneezed 7 times and life was restored.

5. Death in the Pot

Once when the prophets were gathered Elisha asked the servant to prepare stew. He got some wild goards and prepared it. But the stew became poisonous. Elisha took some flour and put it in the pot and the stew became harmless.

6. Hundred men fed with 20 Loaves

Elisha was able to feed 100 men with 20 loaves and just as the Lord had said they all ate and had some left over.

All things are POSSIBLE with GOD

Surely Elisha had inherited a double portion of Elijah's spirit and he was able to perform all these miracles and the Lord's name was honoured and glorified. With God nothing is impossible. Let us have this unwavering faith in our mighty God.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa


In today's text we read of the Shunammite woman. She was quite wealthy and well-to-do. Elisha, the prophet, used to stop at her home regularly whenever he traveled between Samaria, Jezreel and other cities

📍 The Shunammite woman had a remarkable quality...... She was very hospitable.
📍Whenever Elisha visited her home she would serve food to him.
📍 She even went to the extent of suggesting to her husband to build a guest room on the roof of their house and furnish it for Elisha's comfort. And her husband too consented to her wish.

After Elisha had enjoyed this couple's hospitality for some time he desired to do something for them in return.
He told his servant Gehazi, "Tell her, `You have gone through all this trouble for us. Now what can be done for you? Can we speak on your behalf to the king or the commander of the army?'" (II Kings 4:13)

📍 The woman's reply is worth appreciating. Any other person in her place would have asked for an obligation. But, the Shunammite woman replied, "I have a home among my own people."

📍 This expressed her contentment in life.

Determined to return her some favor, Elisha discussed with his servant what he might do for her and when he found out that the woman did not have a child, Elisha pronounced a blessing on her. According to his word, the woman bore a son the next year. Probably the Shunammite woman might have thought it was meaningless to present her problem to the man of God as her husband was old and there was no possibility for them to have a child. But God wanted to reward her for the good she did to His servant. And He accomplished it through Elisha.

Dear friends,
🔹 let us be hospitable to God's servants.
Hebrews 13:2 says, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it"
In Genesis 18 we read how Abraham honored the three angels and received the blessing of the Lord.

🔸 Let us be good hosts to God's servants - who proclaim the Gospel to the dying world.

🔸Let us cheerfully come forward to meet their material needs and also earnestly pray for them so that they will minister God's Word boldly even amidst oppositions..

Manjula Premraj


On Dangerous Ground

2 Kings 1:2-4 Through spiritualism many of the sick, the bereaved, the curious, are communicating with evil spirits.

All who venture to do this are on dangerous ground.

The word of truth declares how God regards them.

In ancient times He pronounced a stern judgment on a king who had sent for counsel to a heathen oracle: "Now therefore thus saith the Lord, Thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up, but shalt surely die."

Refusing to Be Diverted 2 Kings 2:1-6

In his early labor of guiding the plow, Elisha had learned not to fail or to become discouraged; and now that he had set his hand to the plow in another line of duty, he would not be diverted from his purpose.

As often as the invitation to turn back was given, his answer was, "As the Lord liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee" (2 Kings 2:2)

Elijah Was a Type 2 Kings 2:11

Elijah was a type of the saints who will be living on the earth at the time of the second advent of Christ and who will be "changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump," without tasting death (1 Corinthians 15:51, 52)

Mocking God's Prophets 2 Kings 2:23, 24

Had Elisha allowed the mockery to pass unnoticed, he would have continued to be ridiculed and reviled by the rabble, and his mission to instruct and save in a time of grave national peril might have been defeated.

This one instance of terrible severity was sufficient to command respect throughout his life.

For fifty years he went in and out of the gate of Bethel, and to and fro in the land, from city to city, passing through crowds of idle, rude, dissolute youth; but none mocked him or made light of his qualifications as the prophet of the Most High.

Even kindness should have limits. Authority must be maintained by a firm severity, or it will be received by many with mockery and contempt.

The so-called tenderness, the coaxing and indulgence, used toward youth by parents and guardians, is one of the worst evils which can come upon them.

In every family, firmness, decision, positive requirements, are essential.

Reverence, in which the youth who mocked Elisha were so lacking, is a grace that should be carefully cherished.

Every child should be taught to show true reverence for God. Never should His name be spoken lightly or thoughtlessly. Angels, as they speak it, veil their faces. With what reverence should we, who are fallen and sinful, take it upon our lips!

Faith Rewarded 2 Kings 4: 17-37

So was the faith of the Shunammite woman rewarded. Christ, the great Life-giver, restored her son to her. In like manner will His faithful ones be rewarded, when, at His coming, death loses its sting and the grave is robbed of the victory it has claimed. Then will He restore to His servants the children that have been taken from them by death.

Aaron Munhuweyi


2 Kings 2 : 19 -22 .

1 . Here we see about a city which is pleasant ,and well situated and convenient . Yes , we are called as the city of the Lord . Salvation is it's walls , and it's gates are his praises . Isaiah 60 : 14 , 18 .

2 .But it's water is bad . That means , we can't drink it , we can't use for cooking. With out water , our tongue wil become dry . Yes , our soul needs the word of God , and the Holy Spirit which are our living waters . If we have the bad waters like false preaching and false doctrines , the water becomes bad and useless .

3 . The land is unproductive . Because of this bad water , no plant will grow in it , so there will not be any fruits . Yes , if there is no living water in our soul which is the word of God , and the Holy Spirit , we can't produce our spiritual fruits , and we can't become a witness to God .

4 . But how the people of this city made this water clean or how this water is healed ? Because they went to the prophet Elisha and told about this bad water . Let us also tell our problems , whether our water is not fit to drink , or whether we can't bring spiritual fruits in our life , to our greatest prophet Jesus Christ and obey His advice.

5 .Elisha told them to bring a new bowl with salt and when they brought it , he threw the salt to the water and healed that water. Now it can't cause death or will not cause the land unproductive . Yes , our life or the bowl or vessel should become new , if any one is in Christ , he is a new creature . Then add salt in all walks of our life . Salt is white which is a symbol of purity . It will give taste to the food . Like wise ,we Christians should give taste to our life and in others life . It will purify and preserve the food with out spoiling . Yes , we being children of God , should help others to come out of sin and preserve our souls clean according to the word of God . Salt will dissolve itself and sacrifice itself in the water , thereby the water is healed . Yes, by our sacrifice , we can heal the water and make our land productive .

Let us submit our life , to our Heavenly father , He will heal our bad water , make our land productive with good fruits and our barren land will become suitable for living for us and for others .Amen . Hallelujah .

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

Elisha - Servant to Son

2 Kings - 2 God asked Elijah to choose Elisha to succeed him as a prophet . Elisha had to drop everything including his profession as a farmer to follow Elijah the great prophet to become his attendant first.

Elisha's life is a model for us how to obey God's call in our life.

1. He takes his parents into confidence in his decision to sacrifice his profession which was the means to earn livelihood for his family, to follow Elijah, which was the right thing to do as a responsible son.

2. In order to make the decision irreversible and make it impossible for him to return to his old profession he killed the oxens and cooked the meat by burning his plowing equipment which clearly shows his resolve to pursue God's calling.

This is an important principle in goal pursuit burn all bridges crossed which will take you forward towards your goal.

The progression of Elisha from Servant to Son of Elijah :

Though Elisha knew that God was going to take Elijah away he clung to his master fully knowing an opportunity in it for him to become his successor by staking his claim for double portion of Elijah's spirit or his annointing.

By defying Elijah's advice Elisha accompanied him to become his constant companion in his final journey. This proves he was a great strategist and an optimist even in impossible situations.

By asking for a double portion of Elijah's spirit, Elisha assumed the position of Elijah's firstborn son which was granted by God.This only confirmed that Elisha knew what was God's call and he fully aligned himself with that.

Elisha the prophet of many miracles progressed from Servant to Companion to Son of Elijah to inherit his annointing simply because he was passionate about God's calling and totally aligned with that.

When we progress in our relationship with God from Servant to Companion to Son/ Daughter we will receive God's greater annointing in our mission.

Let us introspect about our calling and make sure to be passionate about it.



 In a Nutshell 

🚪 Shut the Door 🚪

The phrase shut the door appears four times in todays Bible reading portion (2 Kings 4:4,5, 21,33). God wants to impart something important from shut the door. To shut the door means preventing someone or something from passing through. When a door is shut there is no intrusion and absolute privacy is maintained.

🚪 It is interesting to note that miracles happened behind shut doors. In both incidents it was a woman who sought a prophet for the miracle. In both instances their sons were the reason why the mothers sought divine intervention for the miracle

In the first case, the creditor was about to take both her sons to be slaves. In the second case death had snatched away her son (2 Kings 4:1, 20). The first woman was the wife of a God-fearing man who feared the Lord. The second was a notable woman of Shunem who cared for Elisha whenever he passed that way.

🚪 In the first instance Elisha told the widow that she had to shut the door behind her and her sons (2 Kings 4:4). And then she had to pour the oil into the borrowed vessels. In this occasion to shut the door was a command. She had to follow the instructions carefully for her miracle.

She had to shut the door so that the miracle was not a show of spectacle for others. It was something personal that was happening in her family in front of her sons. That miracle would have enriched the faith of her sons.

🚪 She had to shut the door so that she didn’t lose her concentration. If there had been any intrusion, their conversations would have distracted her prayers and praises as she poured the oil from vessel to vessel. Moreover, she had to be careful not to spill the oil.

She had to shut the door so that the creditors didn’t snatch the vessels before they were filled. It was her job to sell the oil and repay her debts. It is God who does miracles. He wants them to be done in His way, according to His plan and command. When His commands are followed meticulously, He performs miracles that are far beyond human comprehension.

🚪 In the second incident the Shunem woman was wise to shut the door after placing her dead son in the upper room. She did not scream, wail or shout. She just shut the door and set off to Elisha for divine intervention. Elisha accompanied her to her house. And the Bible says:

📖 He went in therefore, shut the door behind the two of them, and prayed to the LORD. (2 Kings 4:33). Hundreds of years later Jesus taught His disciples about the importance to shut the door.

📖 "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. (Mt 6:6).

It means parents mainly mothers must shut the door and pray for their children secretly. They are not to reveal the PERSONAL MATTERS of their children publicly as PRAYER POINTS. Many a family harmony has been destroyed by NEEDLESS, SPITEFUL SLANDERS.

🚪 Mothers need to shut their mouth and pray for their children behind shut doors for God to bless them, redeem them and protect them from unforeseen dangers and enticing sins of the world.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍
Everyday Bible Devotion


🌹 Shalom 🙏
Blessed to be a Blessing to the Blessed People 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


The phrase "Elijah Taken Up to Heaven" begins with Elijah and Elisha moving from Gilgal > Bethel > Jericho > Jordan accompanied by 50 men from the School of Prophets ( 2:1-12 ) .

Why does Elijah persistently seek to leave Elisha behind as he sets out on his final journey ( v 2,4,6 ) ?
Perhaps the answer is related to what happened at the time of Elisha's installation as prophet : Elijah intimidated his selection of Elisha by throwing his mantle over him , but apparently continued walking, so much so that Elisha ran.. after Elijah ( 1Kings 19:19-20 )
Elijah now extends that free choice to Elisha. The thrice - repeated instructions to cease following Elijah tests Elisha's determination to stay with his master to the end.

✅In this final inning 🏏 , Elijah asked Elisha , ".. what can I do for you before I am taken from you "?
✅Elisha replied , "Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit."
✅Elijah put forward a condition : ".. if you see me when I am taken from you , it will be yours -- otherwise not ".

🎈 It was a fair test and Elisha passed . Neither storm nor fire breaks Elisha's steady gaze : Elisha saw , until he saw him no more.

🎈 Whether Elisha has received the inheritance requested for is to be tested. He must now re-cross the Jordan on his own ( Back to the Pavilion  Jordan > Jericho > Bethel > Gilgal )
🎈 Elisha begins his innings with the phrase "Where now is the Lord , the God of Elijah" ? He took the Elijah's Clock and struck the water with it.. and the water was divided ( as if he hit a long Sixers 😊 )
Normally all is over when someone ( bats man ) comes back to the pavilion but Elisha begins his innings on his way back to the pavilion.

🎈 The Jordan - parting miracles in this episode bring back memories of Moses and Joshua , another story of prophetic succession. Moses parted the Red Sea ; Joshua parted the Jordan River . If Elijah symbolizes Moses , then Elisha has proved himself a new Joshua. His innings can be highlighted as follows :

1) At Jordan Elisha parted the water ( 2:1314)
2) At Jericho he healed the water and made the barren land to be productive ( 2:19-22)
3) At Bethel 42 young boys were killed because they mocked God's messenger ( 2: 23-24)
4) At Gilgal he provides foods during famine and also to the 100 hungry men ( 2:42-44 )
For over 50 years , Elisha ministered faithfully ( he played the innings outstandingly)

💕 Beloved , Receiving Christ is the beginning but to continue (rooted and built up) in Him is the innings that you and I have to play.

The God of Elijah was indeed with Elisha and He is still with us.

Glory to God 🙏
Mark Boje, ArP 🌅


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