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Day 55 of 240 Days Bible Reading Group 3947 Chapter 12 to 14


For the sake of His great name ,the lord will not reject His people...1 Sam12 :22

Samuel in his farewell speech said that God will not abandon His people. Because they were His children ,He may punish them for their disobedience ,in order to bring them to the right relationship with Him.

For the sake of His great name He will not reject His people.He will treat them mercifully because of His divine saving grace or favor.He will always keep His covenant promises even if His people donot .God' name will be glorified.

Lord Thank You that You will never leave us nor forsake us.Thank you for the promises that strengthen us

Cynthia Sathiaraj

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I Samuel:13 : 13  " Samuel said to Saul, You have done foolishly: You have not kept the command of the Lord, your God......"
Saul was the first king in Israel chosen by God. He was handsome and taller than any of the people. When he was anointed by Samuel, God gave him a new heart. He was humble and was empowered by the Holy Spirit. In fact, he began very well. We have a saying that " well begun is half done". But as far as our Christian journey is concerned it is not relevant. We have not been called to
end our journey in the middle, for one reason or other. We need to strive for our destination. One of the last sayings of our Lord Jesus on the cross was" It is finished". Paul said, " I have finished my race...". Here, Saul's life gives all of us an opportunity to examine, whether we have committed any foolish deeds, to interrupt our journey. (If you feel this message a bit longer, please bear
with me ) Why should we look into the failures on the part of Saul, deeply ? Paul states the reason: "Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction. Therefore, let anyone who thinks that he stands, take heed lest he falls". ( I Corinthians: 10:11, 12 ) 

Lessons from Saul's failure:

💥 Sin is serious.
⚡ Saul never really took sin seriously. This is evident for a number of reasons.
⚡He always made excuses rather than confessing his sin before God.
⚡He was quick to blame others for what he himself had done.
⚡ We never find him repenting-he wept from time to time but never turned to God in repentance.
⚡Saul thought he could cover up his sins, but that will never work (Prov: 28:13) By comparison, David committed more serious sins than Saul, but there was a difference.
⚡ David is found repenting time and again before God.
⚡ God's plan for dealing with sin is clear ( Confession- Repentance-Forgiveness ) 
⚡But Saul never learned this lesson.

💥 Spiritual decline is gradual.
⚡At first Saul was humble, but pride and envy began to work in him (Hatred followed envy and murder followed hate)
⚡He began as an obedient servant of God, but soon became stubborn and independent.

💥Spiritual decline is also gradual.
⚡ It is possible for our spiritual life to deteriorate without our realizing it.
⚡However, God sends us warnings through his words ( we might have received so many warnings during the days of our 240 days
Bible reading program)
⚡If Saul would have listened to the warnings sent from God he could have avoided the shame and disgrace that came upon him.

💥 Obedience is the key to victory and success.
⚡God must be the Lord of our life.
⚡God made Saul king.
⚡He annointed him and empowered him.
⚡But it was up to Saul to allow God to control his life.
⚡The same is true for each of us. God never forces himself upon us. We must yield ourselves unto Him and allow him to have control.
⚡We must make God's will our will.
⚡We can't argue with Him nor should rebel against Him.
⚡We should not run ahead of Him or lag behind.
⚡ We need to obey immediately all that we know God would have us to do.
⚡ Sacrifice is no substitute for obedience.
⚡ Saul failed to understand this truth. We often try to rationalize what we do and unilaterally make deals with God.
⚡But the only sacrifice God wants is our heart.

💥Spiritual lives must be built.
A spiritual growth does not come automatically.
⚡ Spiritual growth also is gradual. There is no quick and easy path to spiritual maturity
⚡ It must be determined and will come as a result of effort.
⚡We never find that Saul ever built a spiritual life
⚡ He trusted in his natural abilities more than in his spiritual gifts and in the power of God.
⚡Some can go for a while in their own strength, but eventually, failure will come.
⚡Saul's failure could have been avoided if he had built his spiritual life We must build our lives spiritually
God will keep us from falling if we build our spiritual lives.
The steps are: -
Faith- Prayer-Love-Mercy.
⚡We must have these qualities in our lives, and we must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the truth of His Word.
⚡When we live for the glory and majesty of God, it will make a difference in our lives.
⚡Saul was more interested in his glory than in God's glory.
⚡ The result was that he lost his crown.

🔥Dear friend,
If God tells you today," you have done foolishly, " what will be your response ?

Dr. Thomas David.🎯


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