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Flood and rescue

Written by Rev.C.V.Abraham
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Dear Friends,

Millions are drowning in sin waters .....Who will go and rescue them? Can we hear their cry for help from sin waters? Please take a gospel boat to bring them to safety.

People are shouting at the top of their voice for help. Darkness and hopelessness all around them. Their big houses, money in their Banks, their education , their relatives ...are not able to save them from this water.They are looking for someone to reach them and save them . Are we willing to risk our life to save those who are dying?

Sorry that many are just taking photos and videos of the drowning people and not doing anything to save them. Let us help them to read and understand God's word to understand salvation medicine.

What is our life for ? What are we going to do with our money and resources if it is not for rescue mission from sin waters?

Time is running short. If we are delaying , many could drown to eternity without ever getting a chance to save their life.

Rather than just looking at those who are dying from a distance, let us try to do something. Any help is a big help for those who are dying. Please don't wait for Government invitation nor for the invitation of those who are dying. Some of them are so exhausted or disillusioned that they are not able to shout.

Help is needed where people are dying . Sorry that many are volunteering to help those who are safe. Please don't feed those who are overfed but take food to those who are really hungry....

When children are dying, a loving Father is searching for someone to rescue them. Let us see this drowning children through the eyes of their Heavenly Father.

I am very busy in rescue mission. Here the flood water is very dirty, water current is very strong, lots of poisonous snakes in the water, even big crocodiles...It is getting dark....I got my close Friend with me who is very good in guiding my small boat. HE told me that He will never leave me alone in this rescue mission.

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