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Tamei SDO brought COVID-19 material

Tamei, June 5th 2021: Tamei SDO Madam Renee Newmai brought COVID-19 material such as hand sanitizer, mask, gloves etc for Tamei COVID-19 committee. Crowdfunding by COVID …
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Crying meadows of Piuluang

As for me my interest on Piuluang has simply plummeted to almost zero level… Why? Piuluang is simply a meadow of perhaps 2-3 Sq. Km… That’s …
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Unregulated ponzi scheme

Arammai dung leng tuhoi tadna bambo scam unregulated ponzi scheme (eg. AIG, AWO AMAZON, etc) gu lamga kasia dinkhaine. Changam kammak chiu rabo lunlung maliang kadipiri …
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Protect Loktak Lake ecology

Folklores and legend reveal to us how the Manipur’s Meitei community evolutionary myth is laden with values and traditional knowledge of wetlands and water bodies …
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Water is the new oil

Tamei ga tadui riang (Piperiang dung) Tuhoi nken gara WATER IS THE NEW OIL chiujiu lukhaimibo nken miboye. Tadui hai daily necessity jengniu, riangbi-bi miboye, paman …
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