In the beginning: The website was launched in remembrance of late Nambonbou Chawang, healing from Takou Village by his youngest son Mr. Machangbibou Chawang who never saw him when he was alive and there is no photograph of him. The synonym of Nambon is “Gather of all village”.

The website was initially launched on June 16, 2003 with the motto “Bridging Information Gap” with a vision to provide a common platform & a social network for Zeliangrong tribe residing in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland of India.

With the help of Albert Chawang, CIC In-charge Tamei, in collaboration with Hamei News Group, “Pawan Racham” a daily local news paper in Liangmai goes live as Zeliangrong Online web portal with Editor Mr. Abing Mathew for Local News. Becoming unpopularity of IRC, Java-serviette chat and the fading Orkut of google social network, our website took kept in suspension mode from 2007 - 2015. NIRDT Main Features

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