Project at Glance

Nambon Integrated Rural Development & Technology (NIRDT)

Bridging Information Gap: reaching far-flung remote area

We have been working hard since its inception and tried different methodology & technique for different categories including education, culture, health, technology, agriculture and development. However, due to lack of uncountable factors such as infrastructure, transport, communication network, non-availability of commodity & high price etc many of our targets reduce to small numbers. Lately, we realized the needs of external help from state, national and even international level to achieve our goal and we should seek grant proposal for proper functioning and expansion of organization. As a result, by September 2019 we start our application which qualifies for grass-root level funding and any successful proposal shall be updated accordingly.

Print Media
(Local news paper : Pawan Racham)

By the end of 2003, we are able launched bi-weekly newspaper "Pawan Racham" in Zeliangrong dialet, collaborated with Hamai New Group (HNG). Mr. Albert Chawang as convener with editor Mr. Abing Mathew as our regional Local News reporter & distributor.

pawan racham

Social Network

We launched our website on 13th June 2003 with a Motto "Bridging Information Gap" for online news and social network. However, after improper functioning of Common Service Centre (CSC), Tamei and dismissal of our beloved late Abing, we no longer published local news online and remove all Social Network including forum in our website which is the reason we still received dead link from visitor!. Check it out 2003 website designed! 

Web Technology: digital literate

We are able to provide basic computer & fundamental course as part of our rural technology goals to as many Government Officers, employees, teachers, social & public workers, schools, students and general public. We have conducted awareness camps in rural area in remote places for digital literacy but due to lack of non availability of computer system, network infrastructure and shortage of fund we are unable to carry out class in many remote areas till date.

computer education Inter-School competition
children education

Education: delivering right information

Program initiated for the welfare of children-parents relationship for sending their children into right institute according to their ability and source of parents income. This is essential for the parents in the remote rural area where there is no guidance or information for illiterate parents while admitting their children to different schools or institute. To control rate of school drops out students from remote villages we are continuing this program depending on academic demands and availability of fund in the organization. The programs turn out to be one of the most vital move for better education in rural area.

First contact Information Centre

One of the most challenging programs as there is no telecommunication or any other network for communication. We have been running our web service as a first contact service centre in rural remote area with the rest of the World through our Very Small Apparatus Terminal (VSAT) as the mobile or other network connection is not possible. But due to high cost & monthly rental charge we are unable to expand our internet speed and running with low lovely byte when the rest of the World running with super fast 4G connection!

remote VSAT network

Promoting of Self Employment

This is another interesting area we are venturing with limited support and interest from local communities. Resource is unlimited & huge potential market is available, yet the procedure and infrastructure for transportation of local goods and product is not an easy task. We are sorting out our best bit-by-bit with a hope to setup one reasonable local market for chain supply of organic food product to different states.

Rural development (transport lifeline)

The road condition can be seen from the picture how pathetic especially during raining season almost all village connection is cut-off. Contrarily, there is no much difference during winter or during off rainy season as well! There is no proper vehicular road and the best transport available is you natural gifted two wheel (leg) to reach out the remote area. We’ve initiative few developmental programs with the help of villager for connecting their village.

agro technology

Transforming shifting-agriculture to agroforestry

We are trying our best to eliminate the old age shifting agriculture system of production which involves in cutting, drying and burning of natural vegetation on steep slopes followed by dibbling of crop seeds. Shifting cultivator are among the people most vulnerable to current climate variability with an increase in unpredictability of rainfall variability, warmer temperatures also an increase in the severity and frequency of extreme weather events lead to lost in harvesting and not meeting the needs. We are conducting awareness camp and training for agroforestry for multi-cropping and sustainable social economy.


The concept of agroforestry transformation is based on supporting sustainable land-use and natural-resource management for the protection of deforestation, soil degradation and ecological balance so that the shifting agriculture culture will put to an end and improve living system economically. To accumulate these, it is important to put the right plant in the right place for the right reason which is our hope to change the life of more than 100 villages in our localities. 

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