Main Features

NIRDT Main Features in Rural Development and Rural Technology which is a registered body under Registration of Societies Act 1989 (Act No. 1 of 1990). Non-Profit organization for Rural Development & Technology. We have been working since its inception in different category to help develop and grow in the area. Due to lack of infrastructure, transport & communication gap, non-availability and commodity high price many of our targets were omitted. For sustaining and continue support in the Rural Area, we recently change the website development for making website revenue from ads and donation through online help and guides.

Pawan Racham (Local News Paper in Zeliangrong Regional dialect)

Begining of 2003 we are able to contribute local regional news paper in Zeliangrong dialet in association with Hamai New Group with an initiative and covener Mr. Albert Chawang, Editor Mr. Abing Mathew for main Local News. Read more in the beginning 

pawan racham


With the help of Common Service Centre (CSC), Tamei we are able to lauched our website on 13th June 2003 with a Motto "Bridging Information Gap". Lets see how how started in the beginning

Computer Education and inter-School competition programme

So far we have given Basic Computer & Funtamental Course with Basic Internet to many Goverment Officers, Employees, Teachers, Public Workers, Student and general Public. We have conducted few awareness camp in rural area reaching in the remote place but due to lack of non availability of computer system and network infrastructure we are unable to carry out class in many remote area till today.

computer education
children education

Children-Parents Career Guide

We received good response from many village in this program as the villagers is very supportive and want more knowledge for their children education system. Want the program to conduct as frequent as we can to monitor the age, class and progress of their children.

First contact Information Centre

This is one of the most challanging program as there are many place where there is no network for communication. We have been runing our web service as a first contact service centre in rural remote area to the other World with our Very Small Appratus Terminal (VSAT) as the mobile or other network connection is not possible. But due to high cost & monthly rental charge we are unable to expand our internet speed and runing with low lovely byte when the rest of the World runing with super fast 4G connection!

remote VSAT network

Promoting of Self Employment

This is another interesting area we been venturing with vast operation to carry out with limited market & knowledge. Unlimited huge Potential skill, product & place available for investor.

Rural Development and Bio-Technology

You can see the road condition specially when it comes to raining season. But it is almost the same during off rainy season as well since there is no proper vehicular road so the best transport is your natural gifted two wheel (leg) to reach out the remote area.

agro technology

Agro-base Technology

The latest livelihood in rural area is cultivation. Majority of the people is still following the old tradition way which need to  replace traditional cultivation of more labour less harvest into less labour more harvest. We are actively involve in many cultivator in the remote rural area for productivity way of cultivation by scientific method


The greatest problem for rural inhabitant is clearing off tree for cultivation and this is one of our main focus to reduce deforestation and conservation of tree.