In this generation, the web portal or the website is becoming popular and taking important part in our day to day life. You can be web developers/ webmaster or a blogger. It is good that we know the basic structure/ framing of the particular website. 

The serious things that website become so popular is the MONEY where ecommerce play important role. Now you can make money online for your living without going to office or other activities.

To begin with building or developing website for you is to choose a domain and hosting space. There are many offers with great discount and many free sub-domain and hosting space too become easily available for very less amount.  

First step for creating a website

Choosing Domain Name

There are few steps require for you to choose for having your website or getting one website for your personal homepage or business or company whatever reason may be you need one. First you have to choose the domain name. You can select a free domain registration or a paid branded domain name.

Choosing hosting space/ place

In the same way you have chosen for your domain name registration you got to find the place where you can host your website. In most case the registration website will provide for hosting as well. Here too you can go for free hosting or a paid hosting available with different option.