Change the microsoft default font calibri

Every time I open MICROSOFT OFFICE I need to change the font style from “CALIBRI” to other font and never think of changing the default font. Today, I spend few minutes not to waste again changing the default font style & size and wish to share you for changing from Calibri Microsoft default font style.

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Before starting with your earning and register with earning provider website for your income. Familiar with Internet Browsing/ surfing, the Internet World Wide Web (IWWW) is very essential so that you will not waste time signing up many offering website.

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In this era, the web technology or the website is becoming prominent and taking an important role in our day to day life. You may not be a blogger or a client in a specific site or not utilize any online networking/informal community application. It is great that we know the fundamental structure/surrounding of web things, the system that brings all the data readily available.

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Website is taking important part in our daily life, you may not be a blogger or a customer in any particular website or do not use any social media/ social network application. It is good that we know the basic structure/ framing of internet things, network that bring all the information in your finger tips. 

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Web hosting is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website viewed in the Internet. Free Web Hosting domain are hosted, stored, on special computers called servers.

Three types of Content Management System CMS typically used for enterprise content management ECM and web content management WCM

Easy to follow Email guides and instructions on how to setup and troubleshoot your gmail, yahoo, hotmail and other domains specific

Social network can connect with friends, family, classmates, customers and clients for social purposes, business purposes such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn so on

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