New York - Six Nasa-backed research crew who have been cooped up in a Mars-like habitat on a remote Hawaii volcano since January have emerged from isolation.

Barn owls keep their acute sense of hearing into old age, scientists have discovered. Previously, starlings have been found to have this ability, suggesting birds are protected from age-related hearing loss.

After 20 years spent traveling the solar system and 13 years spent circling Saturn, the remarkable Cassini mission is coming to a bittersweet end.


At the Kennedy Space Center, 120 people are waiting out the hurricane and overseeing some of the nation's premier space technology. That includes the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle capsule. The four-person spacecraft — now in development — is intended to carry astronauts to the moon and beyond.

A remarkable new study claims that climate change threatens a third of the world's parasites, and that may actually be a very bad thing. As we reported recently, a new study from scientists at the University of California has determined that climate change would wipe out a third of all parasitic species by the end of 2070.

Australian scientists investigating ice caves under Antarctica’s glaciers say they are so warm they could support animals and plants. Around Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island in Antarctica, steam has hollowed out extensive cave systems.

'Space's Deepest Secrets: Cassini' will follow Cassini as it sends back its final images after a 13-year tour of the ringed planet. Science Channel is set to air a live broadcast of the final moments of a NASA spacecraft as it crashes into the atmosphere of Saturn.

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