Despite Tuesday, March 20 marking the first day of spring, it certainly will not feel like it to those from the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic and eastern New England.

A minor solar storm will reach Earth Wednesday (March 14) and could amplify the planet's auroras, making them visible from the northernmost parts of the U.S., space weather officials said.

De Gregorio believes that Gale Crater is an important location on Mars as it was hosting probably a series of lakes for many years in ancient Mars. When he looked at the images taken by

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster which was launched into space on 6 February in a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is destined to reach the orbit of Mars in a couple of years from now. But a new

Updated | Scientists have identified a new species of tardigrade after it was discovered in a Japanese parking lot. The bizarre little creatures are distinguished by their weird, bulging legs

The Falcon Heavy's boosters burned for 154 seconds before they jettisoned into space. Free from the main body of the rocket, they spun 180 degrees and arced back towards the earth,

The time has finally come for SpaceX to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket. A launch license has been issued for the giant vehicle to take flight this Tuesday. It’s a mission that many

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