- Bridging Information Gap was launch in 2003 with an attempt to bridge the Rural Technology to latest information in the rural area . The website is dedicated to the chain of our human life. Open to all categories, privilege, un-privileged coming together in one Platform.

As we know there are different stages and types of people. Who are not with us physically, who are physically alive but never known to us. Who are alive still mute and stay indoor without exploring the World what they know, they learnt, what they will owe, recognized and reached the sky. There are people who pass away many years ago but their presence still alive, many people who passed away, failed to recognize even their names and this will continue for most of us, we do not know the quality of people who are yet to come. Seeing them, knowing their life story, their children, have you ever think and struck into your mind “Fade away so soon without even knowing you”! This is it is all about.

NIRDT is a registered body under Registration of Societies Act 1989 (Act No. 1 of 1990). Non-Profit organization for Rural Technology. We have been working hard for rural technology and empowerment of rural employment since its inception.

Our Services

This is our voluntary service and all is depend on the available of our volunteer who active working with us. We have different specialist volunteers in their own field. Please keep in mind that all the expense that occurs in any program that you organize or medicine or material will be provided by you. Our service is referring to the work that we can perform in any event or in times of need in any field. All this service is apply only for Religious, Personal all non-profit related. If any organization or individual wants to hire us, we do have a service with minimal charge.

All our service is only for one event or one performance or a set of complete task only. For contractual work we have different rules depending on the availability of volunteers which is inviting for registration.

Service that can avail from us is given below only for contractual:

Online, Offline or field visit: Architecture, Artist, Art, Accountant, Advocate, Advisor, Advertiser, Counseling or Consultant, Carpenter, Content writer, Dentist, General Doctor, DJ, Evangelist, Preacher, Painter, Promoter, Legal Advisor, Sale Person, Singer, Tutor, Teacher, Web Design, 

Pre-Qualification for hiring

For Organization:

1.  Copy of your organization registration certificated

2.  Any latest performance or event carry out in your organization name

3.  Adhaar Card of concern authorize person with seal and signature of head of the department.


1.  Reason for needing the service

2.  Work or performance that you seek for

3.  Your ID proof with Adhaar card for location, any application without Adhaar card will be rejected.


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