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LONDON — Disparaging reactions to Prince Harry's relationship with actress Meghan Markle have highlighted that racism and class snobbery remain alive in British society.

Radio host Rita Cosby grilled Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, over the sexual assault allegations against her husband Former President Bill Clinton in the 90s

NEW ORLEANS — LaToya Cantrell, a City Council member who first gained a political following as she worked to help her hard-hit neighborhood recover from Hurricane Katrina,

Thousands of protesters forced their way into Germany's massive Hambach strip mine in an effort to pressure politicians on the eve of a global climate summit in Bonn. The demonstration ended peacefully.

Two strangers were caught engaged in a sexual act on a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Detroit Sunday night, airline officials said. The 48-year-old woman and 28-year-old man,

Two women mariners adrift in the Pacific Ocean for five months endured two days of shark attacks on their sailboat and major storms before being rescued by a U.S. Navy warship nearly 5,000 miles from their intended destination of Tahiti.

On Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized President Donald Trump's "cavalier" threats to start war with North Korea. Speaking in the South Korean capital of Seoul, she stressed the need for diplomacy to bring North Korea to talks. Clinton also highlighted the role China could play to put more pressure on Pyongyang.

BARCELONA/MADRID (Reuters) - Catalonia’s secessionist leader on Monday faced increased pressure to abandon plans to declare the region independent from Spain, with France and Germany expressing support for the country’s unity.

HAR ADAR, West Bank — A Palestinian shot dead an Israeli policeman and two security guards at the entrance to a settlement near Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, in one of the deadliest attacks in recent years.

SEOUL/BEIJING (Reuters) - North Korea appears to have boosted defenses on its east coast, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said on Tuesday, after the North said U.S. President Donald Trump had declared war and that it would shoot down U.S. bombers flying near the peninsula.

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