An international team of scientists have announced the discovery of a previously unknown species of prehistoric penguin. The bird waddled around off the east coast

NEW YORK -- On one end of Madison Square Garden's celebrity row, Magic Johnson and Odell Beckham Jr. sat next to each other, chatting and laughing it up.

The Late Late Show got a Style-ish makeover Tuesday night. Following James Corden‘s announcement that he and his wife Julia Carey had welcomed their third child together,

Twitter plans to allow users to publish multiple tweets at once. The new feature, introduced Tuesday, will enable users to more easily create “tweetstorms,”

War exercises are afoot, just in case war breaks out, with North Korea and the U.S. at its center. China and Russia are stepping up preparations for potential North Korean

It made for a good photo-op. At a summit in the French capital marking the second anniversary of the Paris climate accord, President Emmanuel Macron held up

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas around the world this week, but it’ll also be showing in one extremely appropriate venue off-planet: the International Space Station.

Meghan Markle is just months away from becoming a royal when she marries Prince Harry, but there’s a complicated system of etiquette when it comes to the royal family that she’ll have to master.

In the Canberra parliament's final session of the year on Thursday, lawmakers engaged in a lengthy debate as several amendments put forward by opponents of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage were voted down.

Bitcoin rocketed higher Thursday, crossing the $19,000 mark in less than two days after topping $12,000 for the first time.

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