Tropical Storm Franklin became the sixth named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season late Sunday night in the western Caribbean Sea and will landfall in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula at near hurricane strength tonight.

Fast-food employers and owners in other lower-wage industries are fans of the White House's regulatory rollback. Donald Trump loves fast food. The 45th president has no problem wolfing down a Quarter Pounder or digging his way through a bucket of KFC. ”Great stuff,” he once called the cheap, greasy fare.

A small tube of lip balm can make a life-changing difference. That's what volunteers headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year are hoping potential human trafficking victims find. The lip balms — wrapped in paper listing a trafficking hotline number — are just one element of a multi-organization attack on sex-related crimes at the annual motorcycle rally.

(CNN)A fourth-grader's cover letter grabbed NASA's attention in the search for the next real-life guardian of the planet. This week, the space agency began looking for its new planetary protection officer, someone capable of guarding the planet from "microbial contamination from other planets."

(CNN)The US Air Force announced Friday that it has finalized a deal to purchase two already-built aircraft from Boeing to serve as the next generation of Air Force One, flying future presidents around the world for decades to come.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Police in Dubai have reopened the streets around one of the world's tallest residential skyscrapers after firefighters put out a blaze that erupted early Friday in the high-rise, forcing residents to evacuate in the middle of the night and sending chunks of debris plummeting below.

Researchers have released the most accurate map ever produced of the dark matter in our Universe. The team surveyed more than 26 million galaxies in the largest study of its kind.
The map will help scientists understand what dark matter is made from and learn more about another mysterious phenomenon called dark energy.

A new analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the rate of suicide among teenage girls hit a 40-year high in 2015. Between 2007 and 2015, suicide rates for teenage boys and young men increased by over 30 percent and doubled among girls.

A cyber security researcher widely credited with helping to neutralize the global "WannaCry" ransomware attack earlier this year has been arrested on unrelated hacking charges, according to court documents unsealed on Thursday.

LONDON — Brexit is the challenge of a generation, and “unique solutions” will be needed to prevent it doing major damage, Ireland’s prime minister said Friday. Leo Varadkar said a so-called “hard Brexit,” in which Britain leaves the EU single market and customs union,

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