The Trump administration’s decision to exempt Florida from expanded offshore drilling kicked off a frenzy Wednesday in other coastal states, with governors from both political

Weeks after Mexico logged its deadliest year on record, the United States urged its citizens not to visit five violence-ridden Mexican states, placing them in the same danger

Markets shuddered on signs the U.S. may be preparing to withdraw from Nafta. But even if President Donald Trump serves notice of a pullout, the trade deal could survive.

Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri has been accused of taking a compromising photo of a woman with whom he allegedly had an extramarital affair, an investigation by the television

PASSING DAMASCUS GATE in East Jerusalem on his walk home from Friday prayers on December 8, Noor decided to keep his distance from the protest.

Sarah Idan, the 27-year-old woman who represented Iraq in this year’s Miss Universe pageant, revealed that she received death threats for taking a selfie with her Israeli counterpart, Adar Gandelsman.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence on Monday postponed his trip to Egypt and Israel until mid-January, citing the need to preside over the Senate on a sweeping tax overhaul.

Andrea Baber, a former teacher at a Christian school in Oregon, is accused of having a year-long sexual relationship with a student that was uncovered after her husband

The Amtrak train that derailed Monday in DuPont, Washington, was traveling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone, according to NTSB spokeswoman T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, based on information

In true turn of the century fashion, Kournikova showed off rock-hard abs in an all-white belly-baring ensemble with strappy heels while Enrique wore distressed flared denim jeans

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