Link shortening is something I literally do at least once a day and it’s always that I use. Now, Google is making the move to shut down its link shortening service to concentrate

It’s probably fair to say that Facebook is in full-on damage control mode right about now. Still reeling from the revelation that Cambridge Analytica stealthily acquired information about

Dear blockchain people: this is your hour. Abandon your transparently greedy get-rich-quick schemes, turn away from your casinos of de-facto modern-day penny stocks, and focus your

Skilled negotiators have tried and failed to bring Israelis and Palestinians together for decades. But with the promise of education, MIT and a group of technologists who want

On Tuesday, Fitbit announced the latest addition to its fleet of wearable fitness trackers: the $199 Versa. The Versa appears to be Fitbit’s attempt at a quiver-of-one smartwatch

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