Thursday, 27 July 2017 07:32
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Indefinite strike by petro workers Indefinite strike by petro workers

The Northeastern region will be affected with supply and sale of petroleum from Thursday onward as the Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union (APMU) has called for an indefinite strike over the region. The APMU said that the strike is based on various demands inclusive of demands for a minimum monthly salary of Rs 14,500, along with Provident Fund and Employees’ State Insurance Corporation benefits. 

The union claimed that over one lakh workers working in petroleum depots and oil tanker crews will be observing the strike

Speaking to reporters, APMU president Munin Mahanta said the organization has been forced to call the strike as the petroleum companies have not heeded to their demands. “We submitted a memorandum listing our demands to the petroleum companies on 21st October last year. Thereafter, a meeting was held between representatives of the petroleum companies and us in the presence of Labour Commissioner on 12th March this year. In that meeting, the petroleum companies’ officials assured us that our demands would be considered and start implementing them from 15th April. However, nothing has happened in the intervening period, forcing us to call the strike,” Mahanta explained.

He warned that the workers will further intensify their agitation programme, if the petroleum companies fail to concede to their demands even after the indefinite stir.

However, initially the LPG supply won’t be affected as the sector has been exempted from the purview of the strike. But, later, workers involved in the LPG sector too are expected to join in the strike.

There are altogether 1,207 petrol depots, 903 LPG agencies and 485 kerosene depots across the region. Further, there are 10,000 oil tankers, 1,600 LPG cylinder-carrying trucks and 1,800 tubes (gas-carrying tankers). And barring those from the LPG sector, workers of petrol and kerosene depots, along with crew of oil tankers, will join the strike.

The Indian Oil Corporation Ltd owns the bulk of the petroleum (845) and kerosene depots (485), besides LPG agencies (817). Other players in the sector are Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (with 216 petroleum depots and 68 LPG agencies), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (with 120 petroleum depots and 28 LPG agencies), Essar (with 10 petroleum depots) and Reliance (with 16 petroleum depots).

Source: TNT-TheNortheastToday (the Sentinel)

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