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This 5-year-old drew a picture of his mother with a red spot for her period This 5-year-old drew a picture of his mother with a red spot for her period Picture courtesy: Instagram/shpensta

A 5-year-old boy drew a picture of his mother with a red spot for her period. An Australian mother shared the picture her son drew of her with a period stain.

Children, when asked to paint a picture of their family, often reflect realities that adults miss out or suppress due to a number of reasons. They have a way of innocently, and accurately, presenting facts of life. And that's just what five-year-old Julian Rohleder did.

Penny Rohleder, a mother of three from New South Wales, Australia, shared a picture her son Julian drew last week. The picture, a family portrait in gray, had one special bit--it showed Penny bearing a period stain.

"Oh this is so funny. Julian drew a family portrait (forgot Mayanna and Arlyn) but I said to him "what's that red thing on me?" He said "that's your period"," Penny wrote on her Facebook post.

A report in Daily Mail Australia revealed that Penny suffered from pulmonary embolism in October 2016, before the birth of her third child, and was put on blood-thinning medication since. This makes her periods quite bad, and stains are inevitable.

Recently, she had had to rush to the bathroom to clean up while Julian was in the toilet. "Jules was super concerned, but he knows about periods - kids follow you to the toilet every chance they get - and so he just kept asking me if I was ok," she explained.

The young man picked this up, and immediately went on to draw the picture of his mother with period stains. Penny, who found this quite hilarious, shared the picture on Facebook--a post that drew responses from mothers across the globe, many of whom shared their own stories about their kids.

This incident just goes to show that kids, when educated by parents about normal body functions like menstruation, are capable of showing care and concern--through their behaviour as well as art.

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